Josh’s (my coworker, not my sister’s baby-daddy) grandfather died today. They thought he was going to go a couple weeks ago but he got better and was even getting stronger last I’d heard. Anyway, my prayers are with him and his family.

Small group was nice tonight. We had it at Paul and Kim’s. They finished up the massive bulk of their house’s renovations last week before Kim’s mom and brother came down from New York for Thanksgiving, and the place looks really great. Because of their central location we’re planning on meeting at their place usually from here on out. Kristen bought some books for the group to use. We played the Two Truths and a Lie game. My lie and Amanda’s were the only ones that nobody guessed. What’s that say about us? My three things were that I played trombone in high school band, I helped rebuild a barn after Hurricane Fran, and I hung out with some WWF wrestlers in Greenville, South Carolina. Do you know which is the lie?

Amanda and I met with Rob and Kristen at Elizabeth’s Pizza before heading to Paul and Kim’s. Rob paid the bill and we had a time just getting him to let us pay the tip. After that I rode with him and Kristen rode with Amanda over to the Chateau Ayers.

I’d forgotten to mention something that will probably be pretty big. On Thanksgiving Anna and Barry told us of a friend of theirs in the mortgage company who helped them get their first home when they were really bad off. So I called him yesterday, Patrick… can’t remember his last name at the moment. But he sounded pretty positive about us being able to get something for around $150K or so. He sent me some figures to look at, and I suppose I need to call him back and see where we need to go from here.