I mentioned to Scott, my boss, today that I can’t believe it’s December already.

Last night after getting home from the small group, we watched the second half of the Duke/Indiana game. It was a close game and, as seems to be the trend in a lot of games lately, Duke had a nice lead but let Indiana go on a huge run so that it stayed close until the very end. My Devils pulled it off though. One thing I noticed, and the write ups I read about the game agreed with me, was that the Indiana crowd was pumped. They were really loud. Towards the end of the game, when it was pretty sure that Duke was going to win, the tv showed a guy in a Duke sweater who looked worried or distracted. I joked that he was probably worried about leaving the stadium after Indiana’s loss with a crowd like that. That win clinched the ACC/Big 10 Challenge this year. The only game I was going against the ACC in was Carolina’s.

Amanda watched the game with me and was engaged in it. I like when that happens. I’ll make a real Duke fan out of her yet.

After that game we watched the end of the NC State/Iowa game. It was extremely sloppy. During the half that we watched, and throughout most of it, there were more turnovers than buckets made. State was down three at the end and, in my opinion, held onto the ball way too long as the last possession of the game. As a result, they lost.

I fell asleep on the couch a few minutes later. (Amanda had listened to the end of the game from the bedroom.)

Josh Gitlin, my coworker, was out of town for his grandfather’s funeral today. Surprisingly, as much as we lean on him at work, all hell did not break loose.

Amanda’s been getting sick over the last couple days and was feeling pretty bad today. Despite that, we did some cleaning and picking up this evening after watching Lost on the DVR.