I got a nice bit done today, even did some graphics work myself, but of course there is always more to do. I was talking to Laurence Maultsby today, he’s the guy I send most of the design work to, and he mentioned having a hot new intern at his mom’s office. It got me thinking, so I told Scott we needed to hire some hot interns. Well, he didn’t necessarily go for that, but later he told me of a plan he had to use some intern labor to generate some extra income. Hopefully the idea will pan out.

Karen Mercer, my mother-in-law, came over this evening. There was a detour on College somewhere and she ended up heading the wrong way, which she realized once she got to Castle Hayne. Somehow she ended up back downtown so she got here eventually. Phil, my father-in-law, made us a TV stand so we spent a few minutes moving that in and getting our TV up on it before heading out to eat at Chili’s. After that we went out to get a tree. We stopped in the K-Mart parking lot next to Chili’s, but the cheapest trees there were $40. On the way to Wal-Mart we stopped by Lowe’s and found some trees there ranging from $25-85, so we settled on a $30 tree. Our first Christmas tree! I’ve wanted to get trees before, but just never have.

Lowe’s was out of tree stands, so we continued on to Wal-Mart. Finding out that it was, as most Wal-Marts inexplicably are at 9:00 on Friday nights, extremely busy, we just went straight on to Target. We picked up a stand, a few boxes of ornaments, lights (colored and white) and a star for the top of the tree. We got home, trimmed the top and bottom of the tree and set it up while some mostly crappy Christmas music played on the digital cable music channel.

After that I set everything up in the TV stand. The cable’s now hooked up to the stereo. It’s not surround sound, but it’s certainly fuller sound than we had before.

Bruce, our beloved Chihuahua, wanted very badly to sleep with Karen. He’s usually such a quitter when he fails at jumping up on something once or twice, but he kept trying to jump up on the guest bed. His head kept poking up over the edge of the bed. It was very cute and very funny.