As soon as Amanda got home it was a rush to get ready for the office Christmas party. It felt nice, both of us getting dressed up a bit and all. The party was at The Oceanic, and Biltmark got the entire top floor.

We mostly sat with Jennifer, who works with Amanda, and her husband, Matt. They haven’t been in town very long at all and have been trying out a few different churches. They tried out Port City but were afraid that it was so big they’d never get to meet anyone, so we invited them to check out our group sometime.

I had a few screwdrivers and Amanda had a glass of wine along with the cheese and cracker appetizers and various chicken and seafood items dinner. There was an assortment of brownie-type goodies for dessert, one of which I had to have a few.

We skipped out of there at about a quarter of ten to go meet Ben and Jessica and some friends of theirs out at the Mayfaire theatre. Amanda had told Jennifer we were doing that and invited her, so she and Matt came too. We saw, as the full title goes: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. I was pleased, over all.