The plan, I thought, was that Amanda was going to go shopping while I stayed home and watched the Duke/Texas game. What it turned out to be was that Amanda and I were going to go to Manhattan Bagels for breakfast, then instead of dropping me back off, I was going shopping with Amanda until game time. I guess it turned out to be productive enough. We got a few gifts and found a Christmas tree ornament for this year at Things Remembered. See, we’re trying to get an ornament every year, preferably with a little place to put a picture on it so we can have a progression through the years. It’s hard to find an ornament with the year on it that doesn’t say “Baby’s First Christmas” or “Our First Christmas.”

We got home just in time to watch the game. I was nervous about it before, and everything thought it would be extremely close. You’ve got two 8-0 teams, ranked first and second in the nation. The first place team has been struggling with non-ranked teams, so you get a lot of nay-sayers. Well, Duke lit Texas up! JJ Redick had a career high of 41 points and for most of the game he had half or more of Duke’s score. Sheldon Williams had a good game as well, and the final score was 97-66. Blowout! The officiating wasn’t very good, but at least it was evenly bad, and with a score like that, it’s not like a few uncalled fouls, travels or turnovers would have made much difference. Duke just owned Texas, so that should shut a few people up.

A little later we went to a bowling alley out in Ogden to meet up with Ben and Jessica and Rob and Kristen. Kristen invited a friend of hers named Marie. Amanda and I hadn’t been bowling in years. In fact, the last time I went bowling was the first time I met Amanda’s friend (and later maid of honor) Amy Brower. In our first game I did pretty well, losing out to Marie and Ben. I didn’t quite break 100. The second game was not so good for me, but we all had fun just hanging out. Afterwards we went to PT’s for burgers and the like before heading on home.