After I got out of the shower today, I just pulled my hair back because I wasn’t expecting to go out much, but when Amanda and I went out for lunch I grabbed a toboggan to cover it all up. It really funkified my hair, so I just kept it on all day.

I met Scott at Arby’s, where he and Addie, his two-year-old daughter, were eating lunch. We discussed a few business things while Addie played around, picking up leaves and old dead French fries off the ground and handing them to me. She was very cute and was a lot more outgoing towards me than she usually is.

I went to the mall after that to look at some present ideas for Amanda. A pretty blond girl smiled at me, so later on I had to ask Amanda whether I looked cute or silly in what I was wearing, and Amanda said I looked cute (it’s not something she’d lie about) so I told her a pretty blond girl had smiled at me at the mall today. Thinking back on it, it somehow made me feel taller. Maybe the pretty blond girl was short.

After work, we went to get some stockings. Amanda got hers at Pier 1 (she saw it yesterday when we were there), but I couldn’t find one I liked, so I still need to find myself a Christmas stocking. I was feeling a bit washed out yesterday evening, but after we got some Chick-Fil-A I felt better. I’d eaten a bowl of Frosted Flakes and a bagel, which is usually enough for me. Maybe the cold weather and cold-ass house are affecting my metabolism.

We’ve got a meeting on Friday afternoon to talk about getting a home loan. This seems like one of those big, momentous events that is just sneaking up on you and you don’t realize something so big is going to happen with so little fuss. Who knows, we may be in our own house come February!