There are a number of things I’ve been meaning to mention. My friends Annie and Rick, who live in Greensboro, had their first baby back on the 28th of November. His name is Charlie. Unfortunately he has club feet, but they’re getting a cast on him to correct it and since it’s caught early enough, his casts should come off in time that it won’t affect him, developmentally, so hopefully that won’t be a big deal. I feel terrible about not mentioning little Charlie yet, but I found out about him late, because I was getting the info at my Hotmail account, which I rarely check, and I just kept putting it off. I’m so happy for them though. Welcome to the world, Charlie Titus!

Richard Pryor died a few days ago of a heart attack. I knew he lived a hard life, but I didn’t really see that coming.

Stanley “Tookie” Williams was executed. There was a big uproar because he apparently reformed in prison and wrote books discouraging gangs and the like. Nevermind that he co-founded the Crips. A bunch of celebrities were speaking out, saying he should get pardoned from Death Row. I don’t know enough on the issue to comment.

Sam, the World’s Ugliest Dog for three years straight, died recently as well. Unfortunate-looking thing, no? Apparently he was well loved. That’s a pure-bred Chinese Crested, folks. Amanda and I found a picture of him not long before he was making the late show tour and e-mailed it to a bunch of people. I was told my e-mail inspired nightmares.

I went shopping today (no pretty smiling blonde girls this time) and picked up a gift for Amanda. She let herself believe, due to my non-answer, that I’d bought something already. I immediately wrapped it and put it under the tree.

She went to lunch at Bear Rock with a few people at work. Scott’s been going up there lately and Amanda said she saw him and Addie. Addie said hi to her. After work we went out to the Buffalo Wild Wings off of Market and got the usual. I got Amanda to discuss Duke basketball. It’s a work in progress and I like were it’s going. After dinner we went to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things. I finally got a stocking. We then went by Pier 1 to exchange a slightly faulty gift we’d bought for someone. Actually, dinner was working on me by that point so I stayed in the car and listened to Christmas music on 102.7 while Amanda did the exchange.

We came back and watched TV. I was wearing my Duke sweatshirt and Bruce crawled up it to snuggle against me for most of the night. An ambulance came to visit the house across the street and two to the right. A week or two ago another one had come to see the one across and one to the left. Including the time one came after our now-dearly departed neighbor, Vera Lee (who absolutely loved Bruce) had a stroke, this little stretch of street has seen a high number of ambulance visits. One more reason we can’t wait to move.

Some of the shows we like are already not coming back. Over There, an FX show about the current Iraq war, was already not picked up. I somehow missed the last episode of the season (and apparently of the series) so I guess I’ll never see it. As if Lost was not enough reason to look forward to Wednesday night programming, I really dug that show. Now it turns out that Reunion, a show on Fox about a murder mystery surrounding a group of high school friends told with yearly flashbacks, has been cut midseason. What sucks is that it was just getting good. The acting wasn’t the best, but we were getting into it. Fox has also finally decided to pull the plug on Arrested Development. They stuck with it for three seasons of poor ratings with great reviews, and of course I was only recently getting into it.

Apparently I just shouldn’t get involved in Fox shows. At least House is doing well.