Anyway, I helped out with the cameras at church today. Someone else was trying their hand at directing, which was fine, but I got put on a mostly-stationary camera and I didn’t feel there was much artistic challenge to it, other than making sure I had good head room.

We went to Manhattan Bagels with Ben and Jessica afterwards. It was rainy and dreary outside, and nobody felt like leaving so we sat around and talked for a while. We eventually went home and got some presents ready. Amanda had to run out for a bit because when she went to A Place to Bead (where she used to work) to pick up some jewelry supplies, the girl accidentally overcharged her. While she was out she also ran to Target and got the ingredients for a beef stew, because she felt like having one. She put it in the crock pot, and it was crock potting for about five or six hours, but it was never ready, so we’re going to try it again tomorrow night.

Duke killed Valparaiso. Amanda told me while we were watching it that if I got her a black Duke jersey she’d wear it while we’re watching games. Oh yeah, she’s coming around.