After work today Amanda and I dropped the Jetta off at the dealership because a part is coming in tomorrow to fix the problem with the XM radio. Again. Apparently there was a bad batch of the radios. When we got back I started putting things on the In My Life Archive from before I had started the website. If you look at things starting in early October of this year, you’ll see that not only is the writing style different, but I didn’t do it daily either.

Afterwards I went to a production team meeting. It was supposed to be from 7-9, but I ended up coming home after 10. It was very constructive. We’ll probably start having set teams of directors and camera operators who do every service every fourth week.

While I was gone Amanda worked on some presents and wrapped a bunch of them. I felt bad leaving her alone because she had a dream last night that there was a skinny, slightly nerdy guy standing out in our yard. I opened the door to ask him if there was anything I could help him with and he said he was looking for a certain house. I told him where it was and went to close, but when I went to lock it a large black guy pushed it open and he and the skinny guy came in to get us. Not as bad or freaky as the dream she had about the guy pacing back and forth staring at her in our living room, but still.

Scott’s out of town this week; up in Pennsylvania visiting with Ann Marie’s parents. The phone hardly rang today.