King Kong is obviously the most hyped movie of the Christmas season this year. So was it any good?

When we first got out of the movie (and after I took a much-held pee) I told Amanda there wasn’t anything I could complain about with the movie we’d just seen. After a little thought, I took that back. Pete Jackson could have cut probably twenty minutes off of the movie, mostly in the first act, and it would have still been great. I know you have to develop the characters, let us get to know them and all, but it still could have been tightened up.

King Kong Review by Zach Dotsey :: Zach DotseyThat aside, I thought King Kong was a great movie. You feel a certain empathy for Kong like no other CG character ever. The effects are absolutely stunning (although I’m still not a fan of CG and there are times I thought it didn’t quite seemlessly blend in) and the emotions they were able to convey for the giant ape were really just amazing. The fight scenes were excellent as well, not only in their action but in the look of it as well. I mean, any time you can have a giant gorilla take on three tyrannosaurus rexes with one hand and you don’t think about how CG-looking it is, you’ve got to be impressed.

The scenery was impressive as well, and I’m not just talking about the jungles and the primitive dwellings on Skull Island. The Depression-era New York was brought to life remarkably well, I thought.

Really, the most impressive thing about the movie though, as I’ve already said, was the feelings conveyed and the empathy you get with Kong. When he proudly beats his chest and roars after defending his woman, you feel a sense of admiration. Each time he’s brought low by man, you feel a sense of shame and sadness. All this with no words. It really makes me wonder how much time Andy Serkis (who was also the live action model for Golem – Pete must really like him) spent studying apes. He did a great job.

So go see it; I’m sure you’ll like it. And if you’re a few minutes late, don’t sweat it.