I killed Michael in Madden 2006 on his Xbox 360 this morning. Okay, I didn’t kill, it was something like 31-21, but in the first half my Ravens defense stopped his Colts offense until the last minute, when he made a pass and ran it for something like a 70-yard touchdown. I answered him with a 90-yard kickoff return touchdown to end the half, putting us at 21-7.

Bruce was much better last night, probably because he got to play all day and was tired. I let him out sometime in the morning, and apparently he went around leaving little presents for everyone to find. Amanda stepped on one and said it was stuck on her so bad she had to peel it off. Ick.

This evening we went to the Lemonses, Amanda’s maternal grandparents’. Michael avenged himself on me in Madden- twice. Pretty badly. After the Frazelles showed up and we ate dinner we opened gifts. I got socks, boxers and a new argyle sweater from Peggy and Earl, along with a new pair of bootcut jeans. My last pair of bootcut jeans were gifts to me from Amanda on our first Christmas together. They’d developed hopes in both the knees the night we put up the Christmas tree from me having to move around on the rug so much. I mean, they were already worn in by then, but, whatever, getting off track. Anna and Barry gave all the guys these real nice sweaters- Cinchilla? They’re ridiculously soft but they’re made of recycled plastic. I remember Barry having told me about his before. While taking the picture of all of us guys wearing our new sweaters, Michael’s hand accidentally slipped down to my ass. I sometimes wonder if I should worry about him.

Amanda got a bunch of clothes- sweaters, skirts, boots. We still got the “kids'” amount of money from Peggy and Earl. Amanda had been told a long time ago that after she got married she’d get the adults’ amount, but this was not to be. I’m not complaining, mind you. Between the two of us, that’s $200. I also told Amanda that since I got all the Christmas money to put towards my camera last year she could have all the Christmas money this year. There’s plenty I would like to get that I’m sure she’d let me get with the money, but I thought that’d be nice.

After getting back from there Amanda and I headed over to visit with Amy and Ben (Farmer) who were at Amy’s mom’s place. We had a nice time visiting with them. They got us the DVD of Five People You Meet in Heaven, which I had heard was really good when it came on TV. Amanda had made Amy some jewelry and we got Ben some candy. We talked about their engagement, wedding planning, that sort of thing mostly.

When we got back, Karen and Phil were still up watching TV and Michael was playing with a multi-track recorder he’d gotten as a gift that night.