Disclaimer: The version of The 40 Year Old Virgin I watched was the “unrated” version. Some of my buddies saw this movie in the theater and also got the unrated version for Christmas, and they came to the conclusion that the unrated version just wasn’t as good, that it threw off the comedic timing, etc. They (apparently along with a multitude of others) said the unrated version sucked. I guess I can’t say much, having only seen the “sucky” version, but since I liked it as much as I did without knowing the difference, I’m in no position to bash it. So I apologize for my taint.

The 40 Year Old Virgin Review by Zach Dotsey :: Zach DotseyWhat can be said other than the fact that this movie was hilarious?

I had wanted to see this movie when it came out, but we just never got around to it, so my wife gave it to me for Christmas. We watched it Christmas night with my family. Now, with my family, this was fine. My dad was laughing as hard as I was, notably during the parts where the Pakistani guy was arguing with Jay (Romany Malco) and they were dropping f-bombs all over the place. So while I’d watch it with my family, I wouldn’t watch it with, say, my mother-in-law, who wouldn’t be able to get past the language to see the comedy and the heart of this film.

Is there actually any heart? I suppose so. I mean, the plot is pretty predictable, and the moral of the story is just what you would think it would be.

I think the best parts of the movie are when you get a sense that Judd Apatow and Steve Carrell are channeling times when they were hanging out with their friends for the writing. Two examples of this are the poker scene and the scene when David (Paul Rudd) and either Jay or Cal (Seth Rogen), I forget which, are playing Mortal Kombat while coming up with reasons they know the other is gay. The dialogue is just real.

I can identify, too. I’ve been more than one character in this movie.

I love Steve Carrell. He was great on The Daily Show, he had a great absurd role in Anchorman and I think The Office is one of the best comedies on tv right now, up there with Scrubs and Arrested Development (which I’ve finally started watching, just in time for Fox to announce they’re probably canceling it). I actually like it better than My Name is Earl. Anyway, my point is that Carrell continues to shine and I hope he keeps sticking to things that showcase his variety of comedic acting.