The year is nearly at an end.

The meeting went pretty well I think. Scott reviewed a lot of the changes over the past year, the biggest of which was the addition of myself to the company, which allowed him to take a backseat role and get a lot more accomplished, and also freed up some of the time Josh had to spend talking to customers. He also discussed how he’d like to focus on recurring income services in the next year- the more automated the better.

Amanda and I had lunch at Manhattan Bagel and ate dinner at a Chinese place with her grandparents. I’m not generally the biggest on Chinese, but the buffet had Teriyaki chicken and rice that suited me well enough. While we were there, a guy recognized me from up at Port City. He pointed at me and said, “Venue?” and asked if my name was Josh. I corrected him and talked to him for a few minutes. Apparently I had talked to him up there before. I had thought at first when he said Port City that he was talking about the church, not the coffee house, and told him so. Turns out he goes to the church as well. We remarked that it seems you always run into people who go there, and he said he’d heard that PC3 is now the largest church in Wilmington.

We came back and watched some South Parks I’d recorded last night. They were supposed to be the one with the orca whale and one about Bloody Mary. I didn’t think I’d seen the Bloody Mary one, but as I’m writing this, it just hit me that I had. Anyway, they were mislabeled and one was the one where Stan was in charge of the Church of Scientology, the other was the one where they help the whale escape. The ending to that one is one of my favorites.

I’ve been working on the photo gallery lately. I’ve got three Christmases plus Labor Day and Thanksgiving from this year up so far. I’ll probably get a little more done there then go to bed.