We had lunch at Andy’s today. Amanda felt like having a salad, but she wasn’t sure if there was any decent place around here to get one. It turns out Andy’s has salads, and it actually looked like a decent one. I got a hotdog and a cheesecake with some sort of fried batter on it. It was decent, but not to die for. Our waitress (one I didn’t recognize, and we’re in there at least once a week) brought out the cheesecake before everything else and it was cold by the time the food got to us, so they took it back and got us a new one.

Amanda was going to go shopping with her grandma tomorrow, but they decided to do it tonight instead. Actually, she was just going to exchange some boots she’d gotten for Christmas (not the ones I got her). We met her grandparents at the mall and ate at the food court. Earl insisted on paying yet again. That’s the third time this week we’ve eaten with them, and the third time he’s insisted on paying.

Well, it turns out that the card was sitting under some of today’s mail. Amanda apologized for blowing things out of proportion. She tends to make things overly important and freaks out easily. The argument was minor though, and things were fine by the time we left for the mall.

Sears didn’t have any boots Amanda wanted, so she’s having to get her mom take them back so she can get the cash back and buy some elsewhere. We didn’t stay long, which was good but it didn’t matter to me; I had planned on heading back to the house after eating. Sitting around the house on a Friday night is much more appealing to me than shopping. God, I’ve gotten old and boring.

When we got back we looked at a few houses online then Amanda watched I Shouldn’t Be Alive while I played with some things on this site. Sometimes I miss going out to bars or parties on Fridays, but really, what would be the appeal to me anymore?

There was another named storm today: Tropical Storm Zeta. Two more and they have to start back over with the names. I’m surprised such a thing is not getting more press. In the 150 or so years since storms have been tracked, the hurricane season has never lasted nearly this long and there have never been nearly so many in a year. I read that the increased activity is expected to last somewhere between ten and fifty years! Aren’t I glad we moved to the Atlantic coast? (Actually I am- I really like Wilmington, storms be damned.)