Happy National Latino Boycott Day! Latinos nationwide walked out on their jobs to protest immigration issues today. Well, not all of them did. I saw some working on the pavement in front of the mall this morning.

I was still sore today from the yard work from Saturday. When we have a yard we actually care about, I’m going to have to make sure to keep up with that junk at least every other week, if not every week.

Today also happens to be May Day. It also also happens to be the second anniversary of our wedding. Fortunately Amanda and I were able to contemplate our two years together yesterday as circumstances prevented such happenstance on the historically factual day of observance. Dammit. And it wasn’t even something I can complain about.

I met with my boss, Scott Hendrix, and our sales guy, Otis Johnson at Bear Rock Cafe today. I was the first person there and some guy who walked by on the way to the bathroom remarked that I had a nice office. I replied that you couldn’t beat the rent. After we met I went back into the mall and picked up an anniversary card for Amanda then grabbed a sour cream and onion pretzel, a mini doozie cookie (spoiling myself for the anniversary) and a water for lunch. Not long after getting home I headed out to attorney Thom Goolsby’s office to drop off a CD of old website content I had backed up on my computer for him.

On the way there I picked Amanda up some Combos (she only took a sandwich for lunch) and gave her those and the card. I included in the card the very first North Carolina lottery ticket I’d ever bought. I figured things were going well this week, maybe I could win $5000, which would go a long way in buying me a motorcycle and renovating the house. Alas, it was not to be.

I took a few pictures outside today of all the industrial crap a block and a half over. There’s a river port within view of the house. We can often hear things being loaded and unloaded at night.

Amanda and I picked up some O’Charlie’s for dinner. We were thinking we’d go look at paint at Sherwin Williams, thinking for some reason that there was a shop on this side of town, but the only one in Wilmington is on the other side of town (much closer to where we will be living at the end of the week.

Someone just tore very loudly down the street. This is a generally quiet residential neighborhood (despite what I just said about the shipyard) and it pisses me off when people drive like that through here. There are a lot of kids and pets on the streets out here. Of course, it’s almost 11:30 now, so the streets are pretty empty, but people do walk around here.

Well, two years in and Amanda hasn’t gotten tired of me yet. Let’s see how much longer she can hold out.