I went to the dentist today, the dentist being my uncle-in-law Barry Frazelle. Most of my visit there was spent with Jill the hygienist. She seems like a cool person and I could see me and Amanda hanging out with her and her husband. They seem to be at about the same stage in their lives as we are. She said I had the best teeth she’d seen all week, so I reminded her it was only Tuesday. Barry backed up her assessment. Since my last visit I’ve been flossing at least every other day.

Amanda and I had lunch at Andy’s today, which very well may be the last time we have it there while living over here. It’s a shame, because most of the waitresses who know us as regulars weren’t around.

I’ve been in talks with shooting another wedding. I think it’s looking good for me. To that end, I’ve decided to sign up for an online photo storage and printing service. The one I’m looking at, www.exposuremanager.com, seems to be a good one and comes highly recommended from people who use it on the Fred Miranda message boards. I’m also still working on fixing up the pictures from Jon and Denise’s wedding. There are so many of them!

On American Idol tonight Amanda and I were in agreement that Chris Daughtry and Taylor Hicks were the best. My prediction is that Paris will be going home. Elliott did decently well with one of his songs and very well with the other while Katherine didn’t do great with her first one but, I thought, did well with the last one. Paris performed Prince’s Kiss for her first song, and I think she just didn’t quite hit it. Her second song was better, but given that she’s been in the bottom lately and that she hasn’t ultimately lived up to her potential, I think she’ll be out.