I was right about Paris. Taylor and Chris were the top two, then Katherine then Elliott. One of those latter two will be the next to go. I like Elliott, and he can really sing, but it’s a little surprising he’s made it as far as he has, just because he doesn’t have the look, if you will. Katherine can sing the hell out of a song and is really just a stunningly beautiful girl. It could be either one of them though. People just like Taylor and you’d think Chris already is a rock star.

A lot of my day today was spent running around. I went to Dover Mortgage to pick up a stack of papers Amanda and I had to sign. I also had to get one sheet signed and notarized by Brian and Angela, and since the baby was sleeping and I told them I needed it done today I met Brian at a mailbox store then waiting for him to get home and Angela to get out there. It wasn’t a terrible wait and it beat waiting for them to have to find time to come to town and do it. I went home after that and then, after Amanda came home and signed the papers and ate, I had to drop them stack back off at Dover along with (for safety’s sake) another copy of our most recent pay stubs (mine was the highest I’ve had in a while) and our tax forms and W2s from 2005.

After work Amanda and I went to Sherwin Williams to look at paint. That sounds exciting, doesn’t it; looking at paint? That’s when we found out that they’re only open until 5:00. What gives? We won’t be able to use them now because we won’t have any time before Friday to go look at the colors. We went to Lowe’s after that, trying to finalize our ideas for colors in the different rooms and looking at other things like lights and fans and such.

We met our small group at J Michael’s out in Porter’s Neck. It turns out that Paul got a two week job in New York, so obviously he couldn’t make it. Everybody was excited about the house for us and Rob and Kristen had gotten us an anniversary card.

So, Lost was a shocker tonight! Michael returned and killed Ana Lucia and possibly Libby as well before shooting himself in the arm and, conjecturing here, freeing Henry. (If you don’t watch the greatest drama currently on tv and perhaps ever, I know you have no idea what I’m talking about.) Amanda and I, after at least partially recovering from our shock, figure that Michael was told to do something by the Others in hopes of having his son, Walt, returned to him. That, or he has joined the Others. And now he’s leading all of the survivors into a foray against the Others. Before the twist at the end, I was thinking that maybe he had stumbled upon another group of people on the island and mixed them up with the Others. I guess we’ll see.

I downloaded an RSS reader for Firefox today and subscribed to feeds from CNN, the BBC, ESPN, Scout.com and Rick’s blog. I’ve been working on getting as much of my content as possible into a blog program that also supports RSS, but I seriously doubt anybody will subscribe to it. I am convinced though that RSS is a wonderful thing. I was, however, annoyed to find that none of the local Wilmington news outlets seem to offer RSS feeds. How backwards is this quaint little growing town?