I’ve decided, since I’m switching everything over to this blog software that I’m now using to power the new portion of my site (and eventually, all of it, I think) that using the date as the title of each entry is repetitive, since it automatically posts the date for me anyway. So I guess I’m going to have to come up with new titles everyday. That might be really stretching my creativity.

Work was hellish today. I had so much I was trying to catch up on from all the running around I’ve had to do lately, and I did catch up on most of it but Iwas on the phone a lot. A lot of it was doing WebDAV support (not one of my greater strengths) with this lady who signed up for the service recently. At least she was a super nice lady. We ended up talking so much that we got to know each other’s life stories. (Yes, I’m given to hyperbole.)

Brian sent me an e-mail early today saying he was only about 50% sure that they’d be able to be out of the house by tomorrow. I spent half an hour trying to write a firm but not bullying e-mail explaining why that was not possible for us. I found out later that if we did push it back, we’d have an extra attorney fee on top of everything else. Didn’t matter though, since Brian and Angela are going in to sign everything early tomorrow, and I’ve got a verbal agreement with them that they don’t have to be out as soon as they sign their papers.

Amanda and I went over there tonight for a walk through. Brian showed us some things that they found while cleaning up; nothing major. From the start he’s been very concerned with making sure we were as informed as possible about everything. They went ahead and gave us a set of keys (I grinned like an idiot when I picked them up) and we The darker one is the one we got.  Buddhahead Pillow from Pier One :: Zach Dotseywalked around trying to finalize our ideas about what colors to paint what rooms; a discussion which we’ve carried on until just a little bit ago when Amanda went to bed. I still haven’t fully decided onthe office colors, but I think I’ll go with shades of gray.

We went to Pier 1 after that, the one over at Mayfaire. We’d gone to the one on Oleander, but they didn’t have the color of pillows Amanda was looking for to accent the couch, the proposed wall color (one of the few we had already decided on and locked in) and the existing pillows. We ultimately decided on two of them.
It took some effort to upload those pictures. Apparently I don’t have some kind of write permission set that would make it a lot easier.
Anyway, we got some Chick-Fil-A on the way home and decided that we liked both pillows, but the Buddha head one didn’t quite match. The other one did though, and so we’re thinking about getting a second one of it after returning the Buddha one. It’s amazing how buying a house can make get you excited about pillows and paint.