In a brief IM chat with Mr. Brian Gibson, co-worker and former owner of this house, he mentioned reading this site. Nice to know all this typing is being looked at by at least one person.

I feel like I was able to get very caught up with work today. I was extremely busy in the morning, on the phone a lot. One of our clients I think was annoyed at me because he kept calling and getting the voice mail. Twice I called him back though, and he was on the phone as well. The second time I got in touch with him, he asked me to keep the line open for ten minutes so he could call me back, so we did finally get to talk.

I went by the old house after work today to take nails and screws out of the wall, as well as to get the last few things we had, which consisted of a box of food in the fridge. I’d put some cheap boogie boards my cousins had bought last summer and a broken lawnmower from the house’s previous resident out by the road last time I was there, but they were gone when I pulled up, which of course was fine with me. I don’t know if somebody took them or some form of trash collection just happened to come by before the normal pickup day of Friday. I’m thinking the former.

On the way back I called Amanda and she ordered some food for me to pick up from Buffalo Wild Wings. When I got to Market (which BWW is off of, just kind of far down) I decided to try my luck going all the way out Third Street to MLK, turning on Kerr then crossing Market via New Centre instead of going through the slower traffic. I only mention this because while on Third I noticed a car with some Pepsi logos on it and the guy in it (because he threw a cigarette out the window). He did turn onto Market, and I just happened to see him stopped at the intersection of Market and New Centre when I was crossing over. I thought that was pretty cool. He definitely went the shorter distance, but because of the traffic that time of day, I made the (only slightly) better choice.

I filled up on gas at Wal-Mart next to the Buffalo Wild Wings ($37.00!) and went by the Game Stop next to the station to see if they might have any used PC games I’d want to get for a nice cheap rate. Well, they didn’t have any used ones, but they did have Total War: Rome with the expansion pack marked at $19.99, which I thought was a hell of a deal since the expansion pack itself was $10 more. I asked them about that as I was buying it and it turns out that the box was mislabeled, but they gave it to me anyway at that price. I took it as a sign that I was supposed to get it, since I’ve been eyeing it since it came out. After that I picked up the food and went on my merry way home.

Adam and Renee were there helping Amanda paint the front bedroom, which has been dubbed either Grandma’s Room (by my mother-in-law, Karen Mercer) or the aptly-named Green Room (by her daughter). The Green Room, I do believe, is what some of my college buddies called their apartment, and not because it was painted green.

They helped out until almost 9:00 then left. Renee is in a housing bind due to being screwed over by her complex, so there’s a possibility that she may stay with us for a little while this summer.

After they left Amanda and I used what paint was left in the tray and on the brushes then cleaned them off and watched My Name is Earl and The Office. What a great show! With just a few minutes left in this, the season finale, Jim finally told Pam that he was in love with her. I thought it was going to end there, but in the last scene he kissed her. I didn’t think they were going to go that far on the show yet, but it was a great moment. Meanwhile, Michael had a chance to move things along romantically with his boss, Jan, and of course screwed it up. Poor, confused Jan. I almost thought she was going to hook up with Jim for a minute. Anyway, The Office is right up there with Lost for me, as far as what shows I look forward to each week. Speaking of Lost, I really want to watch this week’s show. It’s DVR’ed.