I spent most of the day up at Bear Rock Cafe meeting with Scott.  It seems that whenever we meet and have a reason to, the phone rings a lot, or some issue comes up that takes a lot of time.  Such was the case today, but it did end up being productive.  We went through a bunch of tickets and I learned, not for the first time (but hopefully it’ll stick this time) that when I ask for something to be done, I can’t just assume it will be done.

After that we went to Suncom to see what the deal was with the phones.  A lot of the outgoing calls seem to connect, but then we, the callers, don’t hear anything.  Apparently a tower in Fayetteville is messed up or something.  We looked at getting new phones too, since Scott is due a $100 upgrade.  We may get smaller flip phones (which I like) but then the Backberries are really nice too.  They’re basically PDA cell phones, so I could be anywhere and still check e-mail and tickets.  It might be worth springing a little extra (on my part) to get one.

Amanda picked up some Buffalo Wild Wings on the way home, although we had some boneless wings left over from when Adam and Renee came to help us last week, so she didn’t have to pick up anything for me.  She did, however, have me run out to get her some chips and salsa.
We caught up on Smallville, watching the last two episodes of the season.  This season has been really up and down, but overall I think it was better than last season.  We touched up some spots in the living room and stairwell (although it seems I didn’t do quite enough in the stairwell tonight) then watched American Idol and House.  Tonight was a pretty good night for everyone left on Idol.  Katharine had a good night after two bad nights.  If she hadn’t, I think she would definitely be out.  Hard to say who will be out between her and Elliott, but my guess is that Taylor is still in.

Mom called tonight and said that she is going to visit Andra next Thursday in Gastonia then come see us on Friday and stay until Saturday (along with Andra and Jackson).  Karen will be here too, so we should have lots of help in getting things done that weekend.