I feel behind in work. I’ve decided that starting this Friday I’m going to go through each department in our help desk and take note of where each ticket is and, if it seems to be stalled, ask the person who’s doing it about it and try to get them moving along on it. That generally means reminding myself to follow up on something or making sure Josh, our prgramming manager, hasn’t forgotten about something. With all the work we get, such things are easy to do.

If I were to have my way with the company I work for (and the money for it), I would have two designers and two programmers plus one sales person all in a smallish office. I’d hate to give up working from home, but I think it would be really beneficial to have everyone right there together in order to help make sure people are being accountable. It would also be easier to come down on people when I need to. I think some people (my dear wife included) have a hard time imagining me being hard on someone, but I’ve had to be before. I even had to fire a friend of mine from one job.

Of course, having an office and a set staff of people would drastically increase the overhead, so there has to be a balance of cost and efficiency. Anyway.

Michael and Matt, a friend of his I got to know decently well when Amanda and I were living in Richlands (pronounced Rich-lands, by the way, and not Rich-lunds, as most people say). They were going to a show downtown tonight.

My old buddy Chris Reeves, who I’ve known since at least middle school (we used to think of ways to torture people while riding the bus to Carrington and we played soccor together) called up today.  He said Brandy Kaauomo (whose name I’m sure I mangled horribly) had called him about our impending ten year high school reunion and he told her he’d get my contact info.  We talked a bit about other things too and he mentioned that he’d be in Wilmington some next weekend, so I told him he had to come by.
Amanda and I went to small group at a small coffee shop (the name of which eludes me, but we’re going back next week so maybe I’ll remember by then).  The coffee shop is apparently struggling, according to Kristen who stopped by there earlier in the week, so we were glad to help out at least a little.  It was a good meeting, I feel, and for the first time in quite a while absolutely everyone was there. Paul had been gone lately, having been in New York these last two weeks for some work.

When we got back the big TV was acting funny and I was afraid that it wasn’t recording Lost (although it was). We watched Elliott say good-bye on American Idol. According to the show, each contestant had 33-point-something percent of the votes, so they were all within one percentage point of votes from each other. Pretty amazing, if it’s to be believed. I believe the show is watched over by Radio and Television Standards and Practices though, so I don’t think they’re allowed to make such things up.

We watched Lost after that. For some reason, there’s always about a minute or two where the picture freezes but the sound goes on. It’s really annoying. I’m sure it has something to do with the HD or the DVR (or some combination thereof) but it only happens on Lost. It was good and I can’t wait for the finale next week.

Amanda went to bed after that, but since the DVR is almost full (I’ve got the whole season’s worth of Sopranos yet to watch) Amanda tasked me with watching some of my shows and clearing off some room. She thinks (and she’s probably right) that part of the problem we had tonight while the DVR was recording Lost and Idol is that it’s so full. Fortunately, the season is almost over, so all the stuff we let pile up while getting ready for the move will get watched at some point but new stuff won’t be added on for a while.
So I watched an episode and a half of Boston Legal, which, while preachy at times, is a great show. I was nodding off so I turned off the season finale so I could pay attention to it later.

Michael called and asked where he and Matt could get some food at midnight around here, so I described how to get to the Wendy’s down College a little ways. They got back here around 12:30 and helped me fix the bed and move it back against the wall in the Green Grandma Room. The bottom frame of the bed is latched to the head- and footboards by a metal hook of sorts, and one of them has a hard time staying in the beam.

Anyway, I talked to them for a bit and am about to go to bed. ‘Night.

Oh, in family news I have been forgetting to mention, Adam got glasses, which he sported last time he and Renee came over.  The rims he selected are very similar (but heavier looking) than mine.  His vision, luckily for him, is not as bad as mine.  Those two things are entirely unrelated.  I thought I’d mention that since reading them together would seem to hint at some correlation.  There’s none.  I’m just commenting.