I felt good about work today; much better than yesterday at least. I got a list of all the projects that I’m currently overseeing and made sure I everything was up to date on them. I made calls, sent out e-mails, all that fun stuff, and feel that I am, precariously, on top of things. I imagine myself standing with one foot on a very sharp peak way up in the clouds. And wobbling a little, flailing my arms to keep the balance. That never works very well you know, the flailing of the arms. Maybe I can quit flailing and concentrate.

Speaking of jobs and such, one of the girls Amanda works with who has been with the company a long time is leaving soon to be a full time mom. She and her estranged husband are getting back together and she’s always apparently wanted to be a stay at home mom. Good for her and good for them. It’ll likely shake things up at work though, and Amanda will probably end up doing some thing different than she is now. Hopefully that means more money a little more quickly. On top of that, Chris(ta) is about to pop from being pregnant, so she’ll be out for a while before long too.
I had lunch with Michael and Matt at The Atlantic Bread Company over at Mayfaire, which is similar to (but not quite as good as) Panera. Michael was thinking they are owned by the same people, but he doubted that after eating there again and realizing that they do not indeed have the same specials and menu.

When they were leaving Michael left a birthday gift of plates for Amanda. I don’t think he knew it, but they actually match pretty well with the other colors of plates we have, which in turn match the living room and (what will be the) kitchen colors. When Amanda got home she saw and liked them, but isn’t sure we have enough room for them. I think she’ll end up keeping them because they do go well and it was a very thoughtful gift from Michael.

We did some more painting. Tonight it was the hallway, which wasn’t a huge job. We did it the same color as the bedroom upstairs, a teal on the side of blue. I think we’re both really happy with the way it interacts with the light brown of the living room. Amanda hung up a couple things on the wall while I finished up with the roller painting. Amanda had used the edging square and the hallway’s not that big anyway so it didn’t take very long.

We watched an episode of Scrubs after that, at the end of which I remarked how much I have enjoyed watching the evolution of the relationship between JD and Dr. Cox. I wanted to watch another Scrubs after that, but Amanda saw that the series finale of Will & Grace, which I think she used to watch kind of regularly, was on so I didn’t make an issue of it. I went upstairs and organized the office a little. Well, I pulled things out of boxes, tossed some trash and put the boxes outside. I did a little organizing and replaced the socket covers.

I really need to work some more on Jon and Denise’s wedding pictures. I processed them all from RAW to .jpg already (which was a longer process than I thought it would be) and now I just have to touch them up. I just need to sit down and do it. I was planning on working some on that tonight, but the painting and cleaning took longer (and more energy) than I thought it would.

I’ve got a couple other wedding shoots lined up in the near future. One is for Amanada’s best friend’s other best friend’s father’s fiancee’s son and his wife-to-be. Seriously, I could not have made that line up. The other is for a guy I’ve talked with a little on the Fred Miranda message boards. The first one is going to be very informal so it should be a fun shoot. The second one, the guy is providing me with five gigabytes of cards to shoot as much as I can and I don’t have to do any processing or post-processing. Sweet deal.

In the news today, a solar system was found with three planets that seem capable of sustaining life (or something) and the FDA approved a vaccine that can prevent cervical cancer.  That’s a pretty huge thing!  The cervical cancer I mean.  Life-sustaining planets in another solar system have very little to do with the day-to-day lives of most people at the moment.