I felt good about work today.  I followed up on a lot of tickets and Scott called at the end of the day to say I’d done a good job with that.  A couple people had thanked me for the updates, and he said that if you can get someone to thank you for something they’re paying you money for that you’re doing a hell of a job.  I took that as a great compliment. 

Lots of visiting Mercers this week.  First it was Michael, now it’s Karen and Phil.  My in-laws came over this evening so we can get a lot of stuff done tomorrow.  First and foremost we’re putting up the bead board in the kitchen (and painting it I suppose).  We’re also installing the ceiling fan, which we would have done tonight but the living room is very dark once you turn off the light.  Phil and I will be working on those things while Amanda and Karen do garden stuff.

Amanda went to get Philly cheesesteaks from J. Michael’s Deli for dinner and her parents got here just a few minutes after she left.  We ate then Phil and I went to Lowes to get a few things.  Karen trimmed half the azaleas out front and in the process met our neighbor across the street.  I didn’t meet him, but Amanda said his name is Chris and he’s a horticulturist.  Apparently they won’t be around here much longer though.

X-Men 2 was on Fox, and since Phil hadn’t watched it and wasn’t opposed to so doing, we sat watching that while Amanda and Karen put things on the walls upstairs.  I mainly just wanted to watch the movie because during the commercials they showed short clips of X-Men 3, which is coming out next Friday.

The Mercers brought Paddy, their Jack Russell, who terrorized the cat.  The poor cat is already very shy.  I think Cob mostly stayed under the bed all night where Paddy couldn’t reach him.  Bruce kept teasing Paddy by annoying her then running under the bed where her big butt wouldn’t allow her to go.

Amanda and I watched another Scrubs episode.  She told me that she heard it wouldn’t be back for another season.  The networks are killing all the good comedies.  I guess it’s only a matter of time before somebody decides it’ll be a good idea to nix The Office.  Really, NBC could put Scrubs back into the Thursday night lineup (I think it was there before) and have a hell of a night with Scrubs, My Name is Earl and The Office.  What a wonderful night that would be.

Amanda was insistent on me watching some of the shows on the DVR because Chris, her boss (and my old high school friend) told her that her DVR crashed because there was so much stuff on it.  The only thing that wasn’t messed up was a recording of the NFL draft that her husband, Dave, had recorded.

I reasoned with Amanda that since the TV season was pretty much over, there isn’t much that we’ll be recording for a while, so as we get rid of the shows we’re backed up on, we won’t be adding more content so I don’t need to erase my season’s worth of Sopranos just yet.  Her idea was for me to erase them and watch them in rerun.  My idea is to get around to starting towatch them and erase them as I go.  I like having more than one episode to watch at a time.  In fact, when I first started watching The Sopranos, my friends Annie and Rick were renting the first season on DVD, so I’d go over there and watch that with them.  As soon as we finished watching all of the first season, the second season began showing in order on HBO, and as soon as that was done with, the third season premiered.  It was kind of a nice way to watch it.