We went to church today, but I made Amanda get up first. My excuse was that I was up late working on Denise’s pictures. Ben was helping out at the service, so afterwards Amanda and I went to IHOP with Jessica. She told us that she and Ben had sort of swapped their outlook on having kids, so now Ben apparently wants them sooner than she does (like I am with Amanda). I thought it’d be cool if we all had kids at the same time.

After breakfast we went with Jessica to Sam’s Club and got a few things. One thing we got was a box of these little packets of detergent that you just place into the dishwasher. I just thought it was cool so I’d mention it. We may use these things for years to come.

After we got home Amanda put up some clothes and painted a little set of drawers that had been in need of it for quite some time. It’s now green (like the Green Grandma room) and the knobs are sort of slate like the office. It looks nice.

I went to Lowes while Amanda was working on all that. I didn’t realize it, but I ended up being there for an hour and a half. A big part of it was that I couldn’t decide what hose housing to get, and whether I should go ahead and get two (one for the front and one for the back of the house) or just one for now. I went ahead with both. It also took me forever to find a putty knife. Lowes employees tend to be very helpful, but only if you can find one.

When I got back Amanda and I primed the kitchen walls. Primer isn’t as easy to use as paint, it seems. I suppose really the difference just emphasizes how important having primer on a wall is. Later on we put up a few more pictures and various other wall hangings. Well, Amanda mostly did that while I critiqued the horizontality, height and other aspects of positioning related to her work.

Kaylon Honeycutt called yesterday and mentioned that he and his dad were coming to Wilmington for a wedding and they stopped by on their way out of town.  It was good to see him.
While this was going on I was watching a show on HBO called Baghdad ER. HBO tends to have good documentaries, and I don’t think this one was positioned to really say whether it was for or against the war. Well, with all the gore it showed, and all the deaths, perhaps I’m wrong, but it also showed guys who were gung-ho to get back out there. I don’t know, I guess any documentary showing kids in their young twenties come in torn up by shrapnel, guys with their eyes being cut open or their thumbs hanging off their hands can’t be too pro-war. I guess it showed what life is like over there, which is such a different, unimagineable life to live. I can’t fathom that being anybody’s reality.