I forgot to mention yesterday that I discovered my laptop power cord had somehow blown. Actually, I wasn’t sure if it was the power cord or the battery, but when I hit the button to turn it on, the power indicator flashed three times then nothing happened. Today I went by Circuit City and picked up a new cord, which was certainly not cheap. On the plus side, it included a car adapter, so I’ll have plenty of juice to keep me occupied on the annual trip to Kentucky.

I did feel a little weird throwing away the old power source. It just seems something like that isn’t supposed to be tossed.

Adam stopped by briefly this morning. He brought a cord by from his defunct laptop just to see if it would fit mine and to try to determine whether the problem was the cord or the battery. He was also trying to register for an independant study, but the guy he had to do it with was gone to the other Cape Fear Community College campus, so Adam needed a place to hang out for a little bit.

Work was tough. I was already behind a little, but then I couldn’t stay off the phone for most of the day. I expect tomorrow will be stressful. After work, Amanda and I went to Lowes to grab some red paint for the kitchen. We decided yesterday that we wanted to do red instead of green. Anyway, we did that then grabbed some dinner from Krazy Pizza (although we didn’t get pizza).
Amanda and I thought it’d be a good idea if everybody rode together on the trip to Kentucky. Not only would it save gas, but it might be kind of fun. There will be ten of us; Mom and Dad, me and Amanda, Erin, Adam and Renee, Andra, Josh and Jackson. It might be quite an adventure.

Amanda and I caught up on CSI Miami and Scrubs. We’re almost done with all of our backed up TV (except for Sopranos)! Amanda had heard that, since Scrubs didn’t have a slot on NBC’s lineup yet for next season, this was going to be the last season. I looked it up and that’s not the case. There’s no spot on the fall lineup yet, but it’s not cancelled, which is a good thing.

Do you remember last week when the president’s speech on immigration screwed up our viewing of How I Met Your Mother?  (Of course not; nobody reads this regularly or I might have some comments after some entries.)  Well, the recording of the CSI Miami where Horatio’s wife and Eric’s sister, Marisol, got shot, which leads up to the season finale, had the last 15 or so minute cut off.  We had to wait until a few minutes in on tonight’s episode to find out that she had, in fact, died.  I didn’t much like her anyway though.