Amanda, Karen and I went to church this morning. Not sure why Andra and Mom didn’t, but they didn’t. We did, however, meet them after church at the Atlantic Bread Company over at Mayfaire Shopping Center. We all had a nice bit to eat then came on back to the house to work.

Mom’s back was bothering her so she didn’t want to stay long, but a friend of Andra’s stopped by to see her so they stuck around that long. Other than that Karen and Amanda played in the yard while I finished burning everything. There were a lot of limbs to burn, but I got them all. That was literally my entire day; burning limbs and raking up the remainder of the leaves to burn them. I’m sure we annoyed some people in the neighborhood because it got pretty smokey at times and we had things burning throughout the entire day.

I was very hot, very sweaty and very covered in ashes by the times I took a shower. We ate leftovers for dinner and watched an episode of Law & Order: SVU, which Karen had never seen before. I think it’s the type of show she’d watch if she didn’t go to bed at 10:00.

Bruce was pretty tired too. When I stretched out on the couch he snuggled his nose into my armpit and we took a nap for a while like that until Amanda convinced me to come on upstairs.