The house is so sparlking clean today! That’s because I spent all day power washing it.

I woke up around 8:00, took a shower and all that good stuff. Bruce actually didn’t get up all night and I think was even tucked into the same place as where he fell asleep, so like I said before, he must have been very tired. I guess having a weekend with Paddy, Emma and Schatzi took a little out of him. Anyway, I took my shower and checked in on work to see if there was anything pressing. There were a couple things that I took care of, so I did end up doing about an hour or so of work work.

Amanda and Karen both got up eventually and ate breakfast. I’d already gotten a bowl of cereal before they got up, so I jept working while they did that. Amanda flipped around on the TV and found Crybaby, which I’d heard of but never seen. I think I might have to actually watch it some time; it’s exceptionally cheesey.

Anyway, I went outside and began power washing the patio. Then I did the vinyl on the front of the house and the railing (which we’re going to need to replace sooner than later). Then I did the side of the house. The back of the house and the other side went pretty quick, but it still took up my entire day.

While I was doing that Amanda and Karen were planting more stuff and digging up monkey grass. Amanda mentioned that it was the hardest she’d ever worked in her life. In one way I’m proud, but in another way I’m like, “That’s it?” I guess not everyone started working at a feed store at the ripe old age of 13 and used to unload trucks of hay.

Amanda used a coupon to get some Coney dogs from Sonic for lunch, but didn’t think to not get chili on mine. It wasn’t that bad, although I had a hard time admitting it.

Karen left at around 7:00 after giving us her entire weekend. Phil had called a little while earlier to make sure, as he put it, that she has to go to work tomorrow. As Karen was leaving a lady Amanda works with rode by on a bike with her husband. I can’t remember her name, but his name is Dave. It seems everyone is married to a Dave. Bonny across the street is married to a Dave (she brought over some chips and a sausage dip this evening by the way, since she’d seen us working so much the last few days), Amanda’s boss is married to a Dave. My friend Autumn used to be married to a Dave. Anyway, it just seems like if I can’t remember the name of someody’s husband, I have a good chance of getting it right if I call him Dave.

Amanda took a shower and I followed. We just sort of sat around a bit after that. She’s really tired and is going to bed soon (pretty early) but I think I’ll stay up and conquer some more of Europe and the Mediterranean via Rome: Total War.