Last night I fell asleep while working on Jon and Denise Green’s wedding pictures.  I had propped myself up on a pillow and stretched out on the floor and for some reason I was just really tired and nodded off.  Bruce got out of bed and came to see me.  He licked me a couple times then jumped up into the papasan, which is right next to where I was stretched out.  I dozed back off until he jumped out of the papasan and landed right on my back.  That was enough to wake me up enough to get me to go to bed.  It’s not that his ten-pound bulk hurt or anything, it was just the surprise of being run over by him.
I worked pretty steadily today and even ate my lunch while working (Sonic leftovers from Sunday, heated in the toaster oven).  Of course, sometimes when I’m not hungry, since Amanda doesn’t come home for lunch everyday now, I will skip lunch altogether, or just have something very light.  Anyway, there wasn’t anything overly exciting today although towards the end of the day I did have conversations with a few of the newer guys we have and got to know them a little better, which always makes for a more pleasant working environment.

Amanda worked a little late tonight and asked me to run by Lowes to pick up a salad for us.  The grocery store, not the hardware store.  They have a salad bar in there and you can make a pretty big one for three or four dollars.  I did that, but as soon as I left I got a call from her saying her dad was intown and we’d probably go out to eat with him, so I know what I’ll have for lunch or dinner tomorrow.  She had tried to call me while I was in the store, by the way, but I guess I wasn’t getting any reception.

Amanda got home and we picked up just a little (I was trying to get myrest before she came home, but Bruce kept distracting me) before Phil Mercer arrived.  He’d been working in town (he’s an appraiser) and had gotten a GPS for his Palm Pilot.  I think he was pretty tickled with it.  We ended up eating at O’Charlie’s and Phil told us he’d pay if we’d get he tip.  Amanda and I didn’t have enough cash for a tip, but we gave him what we did have.

There were four back-to-back episodes of The Office tonight, and last time they had that was when I got Amanda hooked on the show.  We called her mom to make sure that she was going to check it out, since Amanda had told her so much about the show.  Karen said she was already planning on it and when Amanda called her back after the first episode, she said she’d liked it.  Score another viewer for The Office.

Oh yeah, Michael Mercer, Amanda’s brother, got his aceptance letter from UNCW, so he’ll be transferring for sure in August.  That’s when we’ll get ourselves a paying tenant!