Fridays are generally extremely busy for me at work, or they are extremely not busy.  This one was both.  I’d go through a period of being very busy, then I’d have a period of time where I wasn’t (which allowed me to catch up on the things that were making me busy) then I’d have another flurry of phone calls to keep me busy.  During one of the lulls I ran out to the bank and to do a few small errands and I was on the phone most of that time.

I didn’t eat the salad yet.  Just didn’t feel like salad.

After work Amanda and I met Ben and Jessica Lambeth over at Mayfaire.  Every Friday evening they have a band in a field near the movie theatre and people come and hang out.  Kristen Barriner had actually suggested this past Wednesday at our small group meeting that we all go, but for some reason she invited (her boyfriend) Rob Peterson’s mom and sister over for dinner instead of coming out with us.  Anyway, Ben and Jessica got food from Qdoba’s and Amanda and I got asiago cheese bagels from the Atlanta Bread Company.  We brought Bruce and they brought Ben’s uncle’s dog, Yo Yo.  She’s a big fat old weimaraner and she was very nice.  It was also funny to hear anyone tell her what to do.  “Come here, Yo.”  “Stop barking, Yo.”
We went on down the where the music was and spread out blankets to eat.  Someone dressed in a cow outfit for Chick-Fil-A walked by and Yo let out a couple of deep barks at it, so from then on people would walk by and say “That’s the dog that barked at the Chick-Fil-A cow.”  That or they’d ask what kind of dog she was.  Bruce got plenty of attention too of course.  I took him to pee one time and walked by a group of people I ended up talking to.  Bruce snuck into their trash bag and got a chicken bone that I wasn’t able to get out, but one of the guys told me to hold open his mouth and he’d reach in and get it.  After that he pulled out a cracker and I made Bruce do tricks for them.

Amanda’s former co-worked, Elisha, was there with her daughter, Madison.  There were a lot of kids out there, actually.  A lot of really young ones.  Surprisingly, with all of them that came to pet Bruce, he didn’t bark at a single one of them and was very good about letting himself be pet.

After a few hours we decided to head back towards the cars.  Ben, Jessica and Amanda got some coffee from Starbucks while I got some ice cream from Coldstone.  At one point Yo was sitting on the sidewalk awhen some young guys walked by and didn’t see her.  I think they startled her and she barked at them.  They were all surprised and backtrack to walk aroud the other side of our table, but one of them took off.  He ran across the street and around the Coldstone (we were sitting behind the Starbucks).  He was a little melodramatic and made a very big show of not going near her when he finally did come back.

We sat around there for a little while longer and ended up leaving at about 10:00.  We all agreed it was a better way to wind down for the weekend than just going home and vegging out in front of the TV.

I was pretty tired when we got home and I probably would have just passed out on the couch, but I heard Amanda upstairs yelling at Bruce.  He’d found something to play with in the cat’s litter box and he took it under the bed.  I was able to drag him out, but then we had to figure out how to get the (rather smelly) plaything out from under the bed.  I ended up lifting up the mattress and the boxsprings for Amanda to step in there, but she said it was too gross and she couldn’t do it so I made her hold up the bedding and got it myself.  It was smelly, but it really wasn’t that bad.