I woke up a little later than normal today; about a quarter of nine. I was pretty busy throughout the morning, so I didn’t take a shower until lunch. I haven’t done that in a while.   Bruce got his first bath since we’ve been here then too.  He was getting very smelly.

There was a pretty bad storm this afternoon. Lots of hail and thunder and lightning. Amanda had to go around to the properties and said it looked like someone had dumped out a bag of ice.

She had a pretty exciting time this morning too. She had to go by a few properties this morning too, and when she did she put in the wrong alarm code for one of them. When the police showed up she thought she might get arrested because she didn’t know (and couldn’t get in touch with anybody who did know) the password for the security company.Everything turned out fine of course.

I got a call from my friend Joey Palieri this morning. He was on the way up to Ariel Lake, Pennsylvania to pick up something from somebody from Ebay. Only problem was that he hadn’t heard back from the person to get their phone number and address. I checked his e-mail throughout the day to try to help him out and also helped him figure out exactly where the hell he was going.

I think I finished up Jon and Denise Green’s wedding pictures tonight. I need to go through and make sure I got them all, and I may go through and do some effects on some.

Amanda just told me she heard on the news that a baby was born today at 6:00 that weighed 6 pounds and 6 ounces. No word on if they named it Damien or not. Speaking of which, a remake of The Omen came out today. I’m wondering how good it is. And speaking of strange babies, Liu Junjie, the three-armed baby, had one of his arms successfully removed. Oh well.

We were going to get the car battery taken care of today. I even called to make sure the nearest Auto Zone or whatever had a battery for me (they had two types, and two of each). I asked if they did installation too, and the guy said they did unless it was raining. So we’re going to try tomorrow.

I was watching Mind of Mencia just now. Sometimes I like that show, sometimes I think it’s annoying. Kind of like Robot Chicken, which I also watched a little of earlier today. Actually, I think that show has pretty much just run out of ideas. If it wasn’t only 15 minutes long I probably wouldn’t bother DVRing it anymore. I’m watching a Carlos Mencia standup routine right now, and the beeps are annoying the crap out of me. Just silence the words, for crying out loud. If there are going to be as many beeps as there are in something like this, and I don’t have a problem with the language, don’t do the beeps.