I’ve been kicking around the idea of starting to write in the third person. It’d be really odd, but a part of what I want with this site is for it to come up highly ranked in Google when searching for my name. I’ve been thinking of it for a while. I may start to actually do it here at some point.  If anyone has any opinions on this, please let me know.  It’s very easy to leave comments and I know people are reading this site, but nobody has yet left a comments.  Give me some feedback fer cryin’ out loud!

Not a lot to tell about the majority of the day today. Amanda had a rough day at work then came home to tell me about it. After that we left for our Small Group meeting at Brooklyn Pizza. Amanda and I got there first and pulled a couple tables together. Jessica Lambeth arrived first, and then I think Kristen Barriner (her boyfriend, Rob Peterson, was outside finishing up a business call). Jessica’s huband, Ben was came in after that then Paul and Kim Ayars showed up a couple minutes after all our food arrived.

The discussion tonight was about family and Amanda led it. It was sort of a rough chapter in the book we’re following because it seemed a little repetitive and didn’t really go much of anywhere. It was good to see everyone though.

The next wedding I was going to shoot was canceled. Well, I mean, it wasn’t canceled, but they ended up not having enough budget to get me. They’ve got a friend doing something for free now. The groom, who is the guy who contacted me, said he probably wouldn’t be able to enjoy his wedding as much since he’d be worrying more about directing the photographer and showing him how to work with the light setup and all that.

Ah well.