There wasn’t much on TV last night, so when I saw that CSI: New York was on, I suggested that we give it another shot. We’ve watched it once or twice before and just didn’t get into it. And I want to like it; I like Gary Sinise. It started off rather bland though I thought, and the transitions where they show shots of the city were too frequent and lasted too long. It got interesting, but I don’t think the characters are as easy to get into or to care about. Gary Sinise’s character just doesn’t have the presence of William Petersen’s Gil Grissom or David Caruso’s Horatio Caine. It’s like they’re trying to pull from the other CSI shows, but they don’t want to. It’s a shame. I like their music the best. It reminds me of Chris Banks.

I fell asleep on the couch, which is nothing new except that when I woke up at about 2 or 3 and turned the TV off, I didn’t go upstairs. Bruce was with me all night. Amanda came down when she woke up and gave me a kiss. I went back upstairs and slept until about 8:00. Poor Amanda had to sleep all by herself last night. Bruce and Cobb usually go to bed when I do.

The first thing I saw today when I turned on the computer was that Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi was killed. He was the leader of of al-Qaeda in Iraq and was thought to have personally beheaded several kidnapping victims and has been behind a lot of explosions and other killings. My thinking is that ultimately it won’t have much of an effect on the insurgency, but it’s most likely a good thing that he’s out of the picture. Sure, others will rise up to take his place, but the more leadership you can remove, the less effective an organization will be. Right?

Here’s the thing I’ve been thinking about; he did terrible things, right? Planted bombs and beheaded people and all that. He started out as a street thug and worked his way up to heading up the most notorious terrorist group in Iraq. So did he do these things with true religious fervor, or was he a sicko hiding under the guise of a religious zealot? And if he truly committed these acts with a religious heart, can we blame other zealots for praising him?

I’m in no way condoning or trying to justify al-Zarqawi’s actions, but I’m tying to get behind the psychology of these people. Think about it like this; if someone toppled America’s leadership (hold your comments) and tried to establish a new government here, wouldn’t we do a lot of the same things? Guerilla warfare, ambushes, all that jazz. Forget the logistical differences about the kinds of countries and governments and how someone would have to be complete batshit crazy to invade us now, but if they’re convinced that they’re in the right and that the occupation is bad, why wouldn’t they be heroes to those that agree with those views.

Of course, Zarqawri I think killed more of his fellow Muslims than he did Westerners. Then again, all that sectarian violence… I just can’t fathom being in that mindset, and that’s one thing that has made this war so difficult.

I'm the Juggernaut, bitch! :: Zach DotseyAnyway, stepping off my soapbox, my brother, Adam Dotsey, was telling me that he had gone to see X-Men: The Last Stand the other day. He told me that what I thought was the funniest line of the movie, “I’m the Juggernaut, bitch,” was a nod to this video.

It’s so completely stupid, but I enjoy watching it.

It stormed a bit today. Lots of thunder and rain, a little lightning, but no hail. It wasn’t nearly as bad as a couple days ago.

My grandfather-in-law, Earl Lemons, came by today. He was in town to get a diabetes checkup. He helped Anna put a post in the yard for a bird house he made for the Frazelles. They had lunch after that at Manhattan Bagel and he brought one by the house for me. A bagel I mean. We talked for a bit then I found his paint supplies and returned them to him.

Amanda and I both felt kind of blah after work so we’ve just been watching TV. She started out watching Batman Forever, a blemish on the movie world and the reason I cringe when I hear the name Joel Schumacher. Partly through that she flipped to a movie called Scarecrow on the Sci Fi network. It very well may have been the worst movie I’ve ever seen, even though we only watched it for a few minutes. And it was followed by a sequel; Scarecrow Slayer. We ended up on the MTV Music Awards. The preshow reminded me of why I don’t like MTV anymore. One interesting thing of note; in their parody of The DaVinci Code (for some reason) they started singing Bad Day, and they had Chris Daughtry from American Idol in it. He got a big pop.

I know I’m getting old when I’m watching something and I’m thinking “I would not want my kids to watch this.”

I just looked at this site in Internet Explorer for the very first time, and it looks like crap. Not only that, but you can’t see the link to open the page up some more. The site looks fine in Firefox and Netscape. Yet another reason people should switch from Internet Explorer.