I talked to Jason Revill this morning, and he said that Crystal ended up delivering via C-section after twenty-some hours. It’s a good thing too, because Olivia Abigail Revill came in at nine pounds, eight ounces and twenty-one inches, if I remember correctly. Jason told me that he’s not used to seeing babies and the numbers didn’t mean much to him, but when they finally put her in with the other babies and he was able to see her next to the others, he told me he said, “Damn! Olivia could kick all those other babies’ asses.”

Amanda and I got up around 10:00 today. We started our day off like we do most Saturdays, with what Amanda has dubbed Brucey Cuddle Time. After a little bit of that and then some we took showers and went outside to jump the car. It took a little longer and some persistence this time, but we got it started. As we were about to leave these girls walked around the corner with a dg about Bruce’s size. It was part chihuahua and part something else, so I brought Bruce out to check him out.

I went to Advance Auto Parts after that to get a new battery and Amanda went to Pet Smart. They ran a test on my car battery to make sure that was the actual problem, which it was, then the girl who rang me up set about the arduous job of replacing it. It was arduous because for some reason the 1997 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme has the car battery under the wiper fluid container which itself is under a bolted bar and the space is cramped all around it to boot. To top it off, one of the bolts holding the battery on was stripped. To make me feel even worse about everything, it was a girl who was changing the car battery (so I felt a little emasculated), it was hot outside and the outfit they have at Advance Auto Parts is mostly black. I offered to get her a water or a soda after she finished but she declined it.

Of course, the nicest thing I did for her was to hold my tongue. When I bought the car battery they asked for my address and such. I couldn’t recall my zip code at first and when she asked me what area I lived in, she told me it was 28511, right at the same time I remembered it was 28508. I told her that and she insisted it was 28511. After a round of this she (didn’t change it and) told me it didn’t really matter anyway and she didn’t want to argue with me about it so she could get started on the battery. While she was changing my battery I found a piece of mail in the car with the zip code as I remembered it. I can be a very stubborn person, especially when I’m pretty damn sure that I’m right. I so badly wanted to show her that junkmail, but I didn’t. That was the nicest thing I did all day. If you’re reading this, Girl Who Changed My Battery, I was right and you were wrong. But thanks for toiling on my car battery.

During the process of changing my car battery, these two Latino guys parked next to my car and came over, watching the car battery installation. I wasn’t sure if they knew the girl who was swapping out the battery (she was a Latina) but they did talk a little. I was rather uncomfortable with these guys standing there looking under the hood of my car until the girl went in to get something while struggling with the stripped bolt and one of the guys got it off the car battery.

I asked him, “Bien?”

He replied, “Si,” so I told him, “Gracias.”

While all this was going on Amanda was at Pet Smart. Mr. Cobblepott, our cat, has been doing quite a bit of scratching lately, and I have to take him to the vet on Wednesday, so she got a top loading pet carrier and a scratching post for him. We’ve also had trouble with Bruce sneaking into the kitty litter box, so we got one that will hopefully make it a little more difficult for him.

We met at the IHOP after that (which was conveniently right next to the Advance Auto Parts). Amanda got there just a minute before I did. We ate, then she went to Target, Wal-Mart and I think Home Depot to get some stuff while I went home to mow the lawn for the first time and spray a good bit of Roundup around the house. After she got home, Amanda put stuff up and repainted the birdhouse. It was a bright blue, and she changed it to a more muted, yellowish green.

Speaking of colors, the orange in the Orange room is orange.

I took some pictures outside the house and noticed that the baby dove was dead. Brian left the walls of a dog pen against the larger shed because there was a dove’s nest with eggs in it on the cage. (The sections are stacked flat together and leaning against the shed.) Anyway, when I looked up there I saw what looked like small, stiff feet. I went back again later and saw a head in there, but it turned out to be momma dove. I startled her, which led to her startling me. The third time I went back was when I was taking pictures. Since I didn’t have my glasses on any of these times and I had my zoom lens on the camera, I checked it out again and was a bit more sure that the stiff legs I saw before were, indeed, stiff bird legs. Amanda suggested the momma dove was still there in denial. I don’t know enough about doves one way or the other to say, but it was a little sad to me that it was living in a nest with its dead offspring.
Amanda made some puppy chow (Crispix with peanut butter, chocolate and powdered sugar) for the cookout we went to this evening. It was at Shannon and… damn, I can’t remember her husbands name. Anyway, they’re our neighbors across the street and one to the right. They were having a cookout for the neighbor two houses towards the cul-de-sac from us, who are getting married soon, but it was also a thing for a few of their other friends and some other people in the neighborhood.

When I saw there were a number of dogs there I walked back over and brought Bruce. I let him walk without a leash and he did really well. He stayed near me and listened. I was proud of him.

We talked to a number of people at the cookout, mostly spending time meeting our directly across the street neighbors, Chris and Bethany. They’re unfortunately moving in August. I found a lot in common with both of them. Bethany likes photography and Chris likes South Park and Halo. They also both like Monty Python.

We went over there sometime between 5:30 and 6:00 and came back around 9:00. Amanda and I watched a little TV and debated some points of Revelations which were brought on by a site I stumbled upon with a guy arguing some preacher’s point about God’s stance to those who take the Mark of the Beast. The preacher in question said it doesn’t matter if you take it. The Book of Revelations (and the guy arguing the point) makes it sound like God has no mercy for those who take it. However, Amanda wondered what would happen if you took it and then converted. There’s not an answer specifically for that kind of instance, but it does say that God’s not too happy with the people who take it.

Zach Dotsey