Today started like many other Sundays in the fact that we went to the 8:30 service at Port City Community Church. The only different was that neither Amanda nor I got up as early as we usually do. Amanda noted two weeks ago that one of us didn’t have to get up before the other anymore, since we now have a house with two showers. She tried getting me to get up first, but being too tired to bother, I remembered that little tidbit and went back to sleep for a bit.

I thought the service was really good today. The music and the people were energetic and had a sort of charge, and Mike Ashcraft, the preacher, started a new series about Job, which of course is about looking to God even in the face of suffering.

After church we went to the Atlanta Bread Company over at Mayfaire with Ben and Jessica Lambeth. We ate outside, as it was nice. Amanda and I went to Wal-Mart after that and got a number of things. We put things away and generally organized some things in the house. When we moved in Amanda and Jessica had put ten boxes of comic books in the downstairs closet, so I moved them all upstairs. I even reread New Mutants #1. I really liked that series.

I took a nap a little later in the afternoon, then Amanda and I swung by Lowes Food to pick up some drinks for a cookout over at Ben and Jessica’s. We stopped over at the Ogden Park so Paul and Kim Ayars could follow us over (since they hadn’t been there before) with their dog, Shinjo. We, of course, brought Bruce.

We all arrived at the Lambeth homestead, followed not too much later by Kristen Barriner and Rob Peterson. They’d have been there a little sooner, but we were all bringing our own meat to grill and they’d forgotten theirs. We all had a good time sitting outside, hanging out and grilling food. Afterwards we played some Mexican Train. We only did three rounds, and Paul and Kim had to leave after the second. I won the last round but had a horrible score on the first one. Paul’s second round was even worse because he ended up with the most points even without playing the last round.

Ben and Jessica have done a great job with their backyard. There’s a small pond under some trees with some stepped flowers behind it. When Shinjo wasn’t runing circles around the yard or torturing Bruce he was jumping in the water.

Zach Dotsey