I had a bit to do with work today and saw several projects move forward a bit. I went out to get my paycheck and took it to the bank. While I was over that way I stopped by the post office to mail my sister, Andra Dotsey, the phone charger she left here a couple weekends ago, but I forgot to bring her address and of course her phone was dead.

Not a whole heck of a lot else to report. Amanda’s mom, Karen Mercer, and a friend of hers, Miss Susan, will be staying at our house while we’re in Kentucky for a few days for the Fourth of July. Amanda started to write an instruction book for them about how to use the TV and how to use the Xbox DVD player. I joked that we should make a video, which Amanda thought would be fun, so I got to play director tonight. It was terrible of course. We played it back when we were done and, yeah, it’s awful.

We watched an episode of How I Met Your Mother that (though it was a rerun) we hadn’t seen. That’s a pretty good show. I mean, sure it’s not Lost or The Office, but it’s nice and it’s got heart. Tonight’s episode was about everyone going out to a club and how people’s tastes and attitudes change (or don’t) as they get older.

We also watched a new show that we’d DVRed from last week called Windfall. It’s an interesting premise, I think. It’s about twenty people who win a $386 million lottery and the fallout thereof. When I heard it was about twenty people, I was thinking that might be a bit much to spread out, but it also gives a lot of room to play with. I think if done right it coule be a good show.

We were watching that over dinner, by the by. It was the first time Amanda cooked anything (chicken in cream of chicken sauce with green beans and a glass of wine) in the new house. A month in and we’re finally starting to cook out own food.

Zach Dotsey