So work has been generally busy lately. To add to the stress of overseeing at least ten projects I’ve got a lot of things scheduled this week to help make sure I don’t get ahead of the game. On Thursday I’m meeting one of the clients whose site we’re doing, tomorrow I have to take our cat, Cobb (Mr. Cobblepott), to the vet. And then there was today.

Back in Novemeber I was in talks with the dental office where my uncle-in-law, Barry Frazelle, works. (Okay, so he’s a partner.) Anyway, I was going to take pictures of the staff and facilities and we were going to redo their website. Unfortunately, someone left a sink on and it filled up and flooded the place, causing lots of water damage to the carpet, some walls and some other things. Needless to say, it pushed things back a little and just today I finally got the chance to meet with them again and take some of the pictures.

Unfortunately, when I got there (early, fortunately) I had forgotten to bring any Compact Flash memory cards for my trusty Canon 10D, as I was clearing them off earlier in the day and, since I was on the phone a lot, got sidetracked from packing at least one of them two I own back in with my camera. I didn’t have time to go all the way back to the house, so I stopped by Best Buy.

Jason Revill, a friend of mine, got a kick out of this part of the story, knowing how much of a fan of Best Buy I am not.

So I stopped by Best Buy and saw that they had 512 megabyte Compact Flash cards on sale with an instant rebate that made them a mere twenty bucks. So I bought two. So, depsite my disapproval of Best Buy, they were the most convenient place for me to go and had one hell of a deal on what I needed to get to boot. What a kick in the ass.

Anyway, I got back and took some pictures. The staff were all very nice and I got to meet some of Barry’s business partners, who were also pretty outgoing and friendly. At the end of the meeting there I ended up with a deposit check to start on the site, so I stopped by my boss, Scott Hendrix’s house to drop that off. We talked some shop and whatnot while he was feeding his new baby, Ava Michelle Hendrix. I heard his other daughter, Addie, waking up on the baby monitor and I left shortly thereafter. I knew he’d have his hands full and the phone had rung a couple tmes besides.

I did ask him a question that had popped into my head not too long ago, which was this, “How much would you sell your company for?” Scott told me that it was priceless to him, which was nice to hear. Still, I’ve got to wonder what would happen if someone seriously offered him several million for it. With our client base and all the services we offer, I really don’t think a few million would be out of line.

So that was most of my day. We had the regular Tuesday night Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner and we watched an episode of I Shouldn’t Be Alive. On it, some guys crashed in the Sea of Cortez on the way to a fishing trip. There are two things I have learned from watching that show. One is to never go anywhere at all remote or wild. The other is that if you’re going to break the first rule, you damn sure don’t do it by going anywhere near Baja California, Mexico specifically the Sea of Cortez, which at least two episodes have featured.

JJ Redick, star player of my Duke Blue Devils from this past year and one of the best players not to win a national championship (it still stings a little that they didn’t go further this year, damn LSU) got a DWI last night, which is rather disappointing.  There’s been talk of whether or not it will affect where he goes in the NBA draft.  I don’t think it should hurt him much if at all, but it’s still disappointing.

Zach Dotsey