Amanda’s cat, Sunny, whom the Mercer family has had for eleven years or so, was put to sleep today.  Apparently she had some pretty bad cancer.  It was on her spine, one of her lungs was almost non-existent and her liver had just about calcified.  She wasn’t eating and she was using the bathroom downstairs because, as they discovered, she didn’t have the energy to go upstairs.

Sunnycat and I had a funny relationship.  Sometimes she’d like me and sometimes she would hiss at me and try to bite me.  It probably goes back to one time when I threw our chihuahua Bruce on her to get them to antagonize each other.  I don’t think she ever forgave me.

I spent my entire day at the Bear Rock Cafe at Independence Mall.  I got there at about 9:30 for a meeting with one client at 10:00, stayed there to work for a bit and met Amanda for lunch at about 12:30, then Scott Hendrix, my boss, stopped by at about 1:15 and I had another meeting at 2:00.  Then, a couple of our clients we have constant contact with, but whom neither Scott nor I had ever met, happened to be in town and came on by.  I got home at about 5:20 to find, as expected, a couple of trouble spots from Bruce.  I didn’t feel like I was able to catch up today, but I did think the meetings went well.

In side news, I got a My Space message from Stephanie Schofield (sp?) today.  She was a friend of Amanda’s at American Eagle and was a bridesmaid in our wedding.  When scoping out the bridemaids and getting info about them, some of my friends took to referring to Stephanie as Tall Stephanie.  She’s a sweet girl (and kind of tall) and she was the person who dropped me and Amanda off at RDU airport when we left to go on our honeymoon in Florida.

I got several e-mails as part of a conversation with Jason Revill and Rick Titus (who initiated it) concerning the news that Spider-Man has outed his secret identity.  I had actually found it out yesterday, when the comic came out (Civil War #2) and I was pretty surprised.  I was wondering if they’ll somehow go back on it though.  Civil War is shaping up to be pretty good.  It asks the question of how much we should give up in the way of our civil liberties for the safety of everyone else.  One side is lead by Iron Man, the other by Captain America, who has gone underground because he has is now seen as an outlaw.  Good stuff.

On a negative note, my friend Joey Palieri has run into some trouble.  He buys and sells motorcycle parts and his shop (where he also lives) got flooded yesterday in the remnants of the first named storm of this hurricane season, Tropical Storm Alberto.  I don’t think Alberto ever got above a tropical storm anyway, but it dumped plenty of rain from Florida up to here in North Carolina and then some I guess.  Anyway, Joey had a lot of stuff get ruined and needed help pulling stuff off his E-bay store before people bid on things he could no longer sell and he didn’t have any internet access.  I was able to get some things off for him, but I was so busy today I couldn’t be much help with his over-500 items.  He was doing pretty well I think, but he lost a lot with this thing.  I hope he can get back on his feet pretty soon.

Zach Dotsey