Work today has been crazy, and it was a crazy week of work. Work has been cazy; it’s just been so busy lately. There are so many projects going on, and they’re progressing, but it’s difficult making sure that ten different projects are all being taken care of and moving along while at the same time you get five or six little support items that need to get done. So while I’m trying to make sure ten different websites are being properly put together and coded, I’ve got people asking me to add this little thing to this website, then see why the e-mail over at this site is acting funny, add some pictures here, change some layout there, talk to me about e-mail spam, what are your prices for this, why this, how that?!?!

I like the fact that we’re busy, but it’s difficult to balance both aspects of my job, support and project managing, when both sides are slammed. A few weeks ago it was no big deal because the support side was pretty slow. Both sides are important though; support helps maintain the recurring income and the projects bring in the bigger bucks. Hopefully it’ll calm down soon. Or something.

After work Amanda and I went for our first walk around the neighborhood with Bruce. This neighborhood is nowhere near as big as Sunset Park, but I think it will give us enough space to do some decent walking.

When we finished up with that we headed over to Wrightsville Beach and got to the bridge just in time to watch it go up. We eventually got to Anna and Barry Frazelle’s, Amanda’s aunt and uncle, and rode bikes over to a new place called Tower 7. It was formerly another little restaurant but someone had bought it and renovated it. I liked the atmosphere, but it’s a pretty small place and it got really busy. They serve serve mostly Mexican food, so I had a quesadilla and a Miller Lite. Amanda had a chicken salad while Anna and Barry split a huge burrito.

After dinner Barry went to his office to try to find his cell phone and Amanda and I sat around with Anna at the house, just chatting about this and that. We eventually came on home (Amanda broke the rules and made me drive back after I had driven there; we usually splt driving duty) and sat around a bit. Amanda was watching something while I dozed with Bruce on the couch.

Tomorrow’s plan is more painting. Amanda’s best friend, Amy (Brower) Farmer and her husband, Ben, are coming to stay with us next weekend and we’d like to have everything done by the time they get here. I’m not sure if that includes redoing the Orange room or not.

Marcy, Amanda’s (mom’s) cousin, lost a dog yesterday because the dog was eating some kind of palm seed. Today was also the one year anniversary of the passing of their other cousin, Kimberly Greene Dulaney. Kim died of cancer at the age of 41, leaving behind a husband, Dain, and two kids, Tripp and Anna Hawkins.

Zach Dotsey