I got up at about a quarter of nine this morning and put some clothes in the washer then sat down to check e-mail and such. Amanda woke up a few minutes earlier and we did our regular Saturday morning stuff, including the Brucey Cuddle Time, which Amanda had to explain to my little sister, Andra, when she called to let us know that she’d received her phone charger. She left it a couple weeks ago when she came to visit and I mailed it (and a gift for Jonathan and Crystal Revill’s baby, Olivia) on Tuesday.

We had breakfast at the Atlanta Bread Company at Mayfaire, but most of today was spent in the bathrooms. I started out peeling more wallpaper off the upstairs bathroom while Amanda spackled and primed the downstairs one. The fumes got to her pretty quickly though, so we ended up switching. I finished priming downstairs then went up to help her out. Amanda took a little break and we ended up watching the end of Star Wars Episode III. Shortly after that we had a late lunch and Amanda decided to watch the rest of First Daughter, which she had watched al ittle of during another break. Finally admitting she was burned out on the painting and wallpaper peeling, she then watched Napoleon Dynamite while I took a short nap.

After Napoleon Dynamite was over (I was up by the after-the-end wedding scene) she decided it was time for us to do a bit of shopping, which I didn’t feel like doing. I’d done a little more wallpaper peeling but my eyes were still tired. I have no idea why I was so tired today, because I fell asleep earlier than usual last night. Anyway, I told Amanda that she could go do the shopping and I’d finish up the wallpaper peeling and start on the painting if I could after napping a little more. She left and I think I dozed a little, but mostly I watched Robots. It was done a little while before she got home, so I got back to the peeling.

Amanda brought some Chick-Fil-A back with her for dinner so we ate that while watching Madagascar. Can you tell we were easily distracted today? This was by far the most HBO we’ve watched, probably since we’ve had HBO. When Madagascar was over I got back to peeling while she watched something (although it wasn’t on HBO, because I think a boxing match came on after Madagascar) and talked to her grandmda, her mom and Stephanie Schofield. I was just about done by the time she finished all her talking. The hardest part was getting the bit behind the toilet. I had to squeeze myself back there and it was a little hard to breathe since my chest was trapped between the porcelin and the wall.

So that’s been our day. No actual painting was done, but the downstairs bathroom has the primer on it and is ready to go and the upstairs bathroom, which was much easier in terms of removing wallpaper than the downstairs bathroom, doesn’t need much spackling. I suppose tomorrow after church then breakfast at the Lemons for Father’s Day we’ll do the next step on both of those.

Zach Dotsey