It’s 11:30 now, and all day I’ve been meaning to call Jason Revill, my oldest friend, and wish him a happy 28th birthday. I finally picked up the phone and called him cell, but he didn’t answer so I left a message. Hope you had a good one, buddy. I’m sure I’ll hear about it at some point.

Work was busy today, but at least I didn’t feel like I was drowning. We’ve got a few projects that I think are pretty much done, just need the final okay I guess.

Amanda’s grandparents, Peggy and Earl Lemons, stopped by today. They were in town and were hanging out with Anna Frazelle (their daughter) before they stopped by here on the way out of town. They got here just a little bit before the end of my work day, so I talked to them for a bit, finsihed up and then closed up shop.

Earl and I worked on putting up the butterfly house he gave us just a few days ago, but we didn’t have any screws or a drill bit (to attach the post) so we drove to all the stores within a quarter mile of here: Lowes Food, Eckerds and Family Dollar. They all had screws but nobody had a bit and we didn’t feel like driving to Lowes (the hardware one). We came back to the house and tried to set up the butterfly house anyway, but all we ended up doing was stripping one of the cheap (overpriced) screws we picked up.

After mucking about with that, the four of us (Amanda had long since gotten home by this time) went out to Buffalo Wild Wings. I sort of felt like Subway, but Buffalo Wild Wings is our usual Tuesday night thing. We all ate then the Lemons headed on home. It was a much longer detour than they had planned I think, but it’s always nice to spend time with them.

It was getting to be about 8:00 so we didn’t feel like starting to prime the upstairs bathroom or anything like that. I played around with some settings on my photo pages and Amanda busied herself with some tidying up. I finally got all of Jon and Denise Greene’s wedding pictures uploaded and should be able to finish Ashley and Cory Burell’s tomorrow. It’ll be nice to get that all done.

I gurdgingly (because I don’t like stopping things when I’m in the middle of doing something) helped Amanda put the shelves back up in the washer and dryer closet. We had a hard time getting the screws to stay in, but I think they’re pretty secure now. I hope. Anyway, it was nice to finally be able to stop storing the detergent and bleach and such on the washer and put it away. Amanda put all the socket and light switch covers back on the wall and laid down a mat we picked up from Wal-Mart the other day. The bathroom looks pretty nice in Krypton blue-gray.

I’m not sure why Sherwin-Williams named a blue-gray paint Krypton. You think of Krypton it generally brings to mind a radioactive green. Then again, since Krypton is an actual element, maybe that’s what color it really is.

Zach Dotsey