Today was nice in that I made a little time to get out of the house. I met Amanda for lunch then stopped by the bank to drop in a deposit. I ended up working a little past 5:00, as I pretty muh always do, but it wasn’t quite as stressful a day as the norm had lately been. I was also able to call a few jobs complete and bring in some money, so that helped a bit.

I forgot to mention yesterday that Brian resumed control over the project with the client I had let down a few days ago. I didn’t so much mind, because I never felt like I had much input or control over the project anyway. On the other hand, when I told Brian that it was nearly complete he told me there was a lot more to it that I didn’t know about. I told him that Catalin, the programmer who has been working on the site since it started, had told me he was just about done and he said there was stuff Catalin didn’t know about it either, which was all a little irritating because it underscored the problem I had the entire time with the project. I don’t think I was ever fully informed on what the hell was going on with it. I have decided that from now on I will not take over project managing duties on a site that has already been started by someone else. It’s too much of a hassle and a headache and it makes me look bad when I’m not fully informed about what’s going on.

End rant.

Tonight we did a little something different for our small group meeting. We had a couple who is helping coach group leaders come by just to discuss what we’re doing and what other groups are doing, that sort of thing. They were Dave and Polly (I think her name was Polly) Clawson. I think it was a nice break from the norm and they seemed like good people to be able to call up and discuss things with.

We had the meeting here at our house and ate pizza for dinner. The Clawsons took off at about 9:00 and everyone else stuck around for a few minutes but eventually petered on out. Amanda was in bed by 10:00 or so and I’ve just been piddling around here for a bit. Exciting times.

I did finish uploading all the wedding pictures for the Greenes and Burells. I’m uploading the engagement photos of Jon and Denise and her bridal shots, and I’m going to upload the ones I did for Amy and Ben Farmer too. They’re coming to stay with us this weekend and we plan to have something of a cookout Saturday night. Amanda invited everyone else to come on by too. By everyone else I mean Ben and Jessica Lambeth, Paul and Kim Ayars (although she’ll be working) and Kristen Barriner and Rob Peterson. Should be a nice time.

Zach Dotsey