I feel like I was fully back into the swing of things with work today. I think I’ve almost caught up. In fact, a person I’ve been working on landing became a client today, decided to go with us to design his site. I was pretty excited about it and had to tell Karen, who was about to head over to the hospital, and Michael and Sarah as they were leaving so Michael could make it back to Jacksonville for school.

Speaking of Michael Mercer and Sarah Denning, I beat them both at Risk last night. Twice. Oddly, we started at 10:00 and finished by 3:00. That’s PM and AM, respectively. Pretty short for two Risk games, although in their defense, Michael had never played and Sarah hadn’t played in so long she’d forgotten how. In the first game Michael kept spreading himself too thin. In the second one Sarah almost had all of South America and Africa, plus half of Australia while Michael had almost all of Asia and Europe. I ended up having to make a circle around the Atlantic Ocean. I won by kicking everyone out of North America and Sarah out of Australia and holding on to Iceland to keep Michael from getting the Europe bonus. Sarah and I alternately kept Michael from getting the Asia bonus too, which really frustrated him since he never once got to get the extra seven units. Sarah was falling asleep and I was getting 16 men per turn while Michael was getting five so he actually conceded, which isn’t something I ever thought he’d do. Me, I’m way to stubborn for that.

Amanda’s mom, Karen, spent all day at the hospital with Anna and left Paddy, their Jack Russell, here.  Amanda and I met Karen at Roly Poly for lunch and after that I went by the hospital to see Anna, who seems to be doing pretty good I think.  Barry’s parents, her in-laws, Mr. and Mrs. Frazelle, were there when Karen and I got there.  I stayed for a few minutes then came on back for work.

When I got home the back door was wide open.  It’s tricky to close sometimes, and I was afraid Cobb had gotten out because I couldn’t find him, but he wandered into the office a little later.

Chris Clayton, formerly of across the street, came by for a few minutes.  We talked a little bit and he told me that he and his wife are pregnant.  They went off birth control and got pregnant almost immediately, which was a shock to them because they’d always been told it usually takes a little while of trying.  Anyway, congratulations to them!
After Chris left I played a little Rome: Total War while Amanda watched some Days of Our Lives or something. Then we watched a couple episodes of How I Met Your Mother. That really is a good little show. Sure it’s a bit schmaltzy sometimes, but it’s about as good a traditional sitcom as there it out there these days. By traditional sitcom, I mean it’s not Scrubs or The Office or My Name is Earl.

Zach Dotsey