I’m sure my two and a half faithful readers have been clamoring for me to update this thing. I planned on writing in Kentucky, but the only place I could find at Baba and Pap’s house that stayed connected for more than a literal minute was the corner of the front stoop. Since it was extremely hot there, I just couldn’t do it for very long. However, while I was gone I did keep track of what was going on, so I’m going to retroactively write what’s going on as thought I were just then writing it.

To people reading this after today, that paragraph will make little sense.

Hecticness continued today with work. I’d start on one thing then get a call from someone else who desperately needed something done. I did get away a bit for lunch. Adam came by and we used a “Meet the Manager” coupon for a free pizza from Dominos. We ate that and talked a bit, had a nice time. I’ll miss him when he heads out to San Diego at the end of the month.

This site continues to get the attention of people we haven’t talked to in a long time. I had an e-mail waiting for me today from an old friend of Amanda’s; Amanda Flick, whose name is now Amanda Turner and has a three year old girl.

Amanda stopped by the hospital to see the recovering Anna Frazelle then went by Buffalo Wild Wings for the usual Tuesday night dinner. Kirsten hasn’t been able to see Anna yet because she has some sort of infection and could get Anna sick if she’s near her. Hannah ran into a little trouble with the law. She and some friends were riding around in a van on Wrightsville, throwing open the doors and hosing people down with water guns. Hannah had one of those backpack Super Soakers. Pretty stupid thing to do on a little island like Wrightsville, but I bet it was fun. I guess it’s like the time me and Chris Reeves and Todd Buker got hopped up on malt and chased a woman in a car back and forth up and down Roxboro Road. I feel terrible about that now. And it was chocolate malt by the way. Sad.

Paul Ayars stopped by to collect on his moeny for laying the kitchen tile.  We talked for a few minutes, but he stopped by a little before work was over and all hell was breaking loose and he could tell, so he didn’t stay long.

Not a whole lot else going on at the moment. I guess I’ll spend the rest of my night catching up on this site. Amanda’s watching Chasing Liberty, which is basically First Daughter, but with Mandy Moore as a more bratty, self-absorbed president’s daugher who is touring Europe.

My good friend Jason Revill finally decided today to scratch a comic book itch he’s had for a while. He called me from Jeanie’s Book Shop at North Duke Mall, where we used to get comics sometimes back in high school, but apparently Jeanie closes up shop at 5:00 these days and he got there just after. He then went by Books Do, which is the first actual comic book shop I graduated to, but there was no possible way for him to get up the stairs, so he went to another shop I found on Google for him, down near Sout Point. I gave him a few titles to check out while he was looking around. He went home with plenty to read.

Zach Dotsey