I went to bed pretty late last night because I was tinkering with things on this site. I have a new splash page and I played around with some settings for the Wordpess software I’m using. Despite this, Amanda woke me up at about 9:30 by tapping me on the head and telling me to watch Bruce and Mr. Cobblepott. Our dog and cat were chasing each other, but of course since Amanda decided to wake me up, they quit. A few minutes later Bruce was chasing Cobb again and the cat jumped on the bed. Amanda woke me up again to show me Bruce’s head, which kept appearing every few seconds over the edge of the bed as he was trying to grab Cobb. After a little bit of that, he’d alternate a jump with grabbing the sheets hanging over the side of the bed with his mouth and trying to pull them down to get the cat. Amanda tried to pull him up on the bed, but he kept backing away. She finally pushed the poor cat onto the floor and Bruce went after him.

After the normal Saturday morning routine (which varied today in that we figured out the source of the bathtub leak- it’s coming from behind the spigot where some sort of insulated tube was wrapped around a pipe) we headed out for some breakfast. We were going to try IHOP, but there was a line out the door. We ended up going to Atlanta Bread Company over at Mayfaire, after which we went over to Anna and Barry Frazelle’s.

Anna was doing amazingly well today. Not only is she walking around very well, but she’s getting herself up and even walked down the stairs to walk around the yard. At this rate the woman will be 100% in a week or less! Okay, that’s perhaps a little hyperbole, but as much as she’s already doing it wouldn’t surprise me.

My intent was to do a little surfing today, but I didn’t know about the surf zones; limited designated places for surfers between 11 and 4:00. Barry said the surf zones were packed, but about 4:00 would probably be a good time to go out.

It was extremely humid out today, but I decided to go take a little nap on the hammock on the side of the porch. I woke up to find Amanda and her cousin, Hannah Frazelle, sprinkling something on me. At first I thought it was potato chips, but then I realized it was flower petals. I told them I had expected Hannah to do something like that, and she said they were having a mock funeral for me.

Barry and his friend, Jay, went out to look at the surf, and when Barry got back he announced the red flag was up, but the ocean didn’t look like it warranted a red flag. That meant the surf was on, so I lathered up, Barry threw me a rash guard (to protect my sensitive ninnies) and we went on out. There wasn’t a whole lot out there, but I did get up on the board on four tries of four attempts. I’ll probably be sore from the paddling tomorrow; I can already feel it in my back. There was one time I ducked under a wave and it yanked the board away. The board then yanked my leg sideways via the tether cord, and made me knee feel funny for a bit. Then on my way out of the water I got caught by a surprise wave that banged my ankle against the board. Not bad injuries by any means, just more stuff for me to feel in the morning.

Amanda and I left not long after Barry and I got back. Ben and Jessica Lambeth were coming over for dinner so we stopped by Wal-Mart to get stuff to make tacos. We had plenty of time so we went back out and took Bruce to Petco. They have a doggy bar, a place with a bunch of dog snacks laid out, and his previous bag (which we got him for his birthday back in December) is almost out. It’s old, besides.

Oh, when we got back from Wally World there was a little black and white cat next to the driveway. I think it’s a she (although we don’t have a very good track record with feline genders) and the markings look like a dariy cow, so I’m calling her Moo. She’s very affectionate and friendly, although she’s not too sure about Bruce or Cobb, who were watching her from the front door. She hung around pretty much all night though. She belongs to someone, because she’s got a flea collar on. She’s very small too, so I don’t think she’s much more than a kitten.

There was thunder and lightning outside this evening, but not much rain.

Ben and Jessica got here a little after 7:00 and Moo walked up to them as they were coming in. She’s so friendly that she peed right in front of Ben. We had dinner and such then we watched War of the Worlds, which the Lambeths had not yet seen. The quiet but persistent lightning outside made the movie a little freaky. They left after that, taking our copy of The 40 Year Old Virgin with them. We’ve still got their National Treasure, which we’ve had about as long as we’ve known these kids. (I use the term kids, but they’re the exact same age as Amanda and I.)