We did the usual Sunday morning thing, although we took showers downstairs because of the leak in the upstairs shower. After church we went out to IHOP with Ben and Jessica Lambeth then Amanda and I went over to Circuit City. I wanted to check out a MacBook, and apple.com said the nearest place to get one was Circuit City. Unfortunately, our local Circuit City did not have any.We went by Lowes after that to look at some things to fix the shower and ended up buying a shower set with a spout, handle and shower head. I got home and started to put it together and was feeling good about it until I realized that to get it to all go on right I’d have to swap out a part behind the wall and somehow extend a pipe and put a thread on it. Amanda’s dad, Phil Mercer, is going to come by next weekend to help out. So we’ll be showering downstairs for the next week.

Our goal was to get some laundry done today, but that didn’t much pan out. I was frustrated with the shower and Amanda got herself hooked on some crappy Sci-Fi Network movies (which Leeches Movie :: Zach Dotseyare half a step above Lifetime movies), such as the somewhat homoerotic Leeches, about giant leeches that attack a swim team. For some reason the first leech came up through a drain (which it moved aside as if it had hands) and went down a guy’s mouth. I didn’t think that’s what leeches normally did, but the guy did throw it up later. Oh, and when it was approaching him the shot stayed on a first person perspective for probably 15 seconds. If you’re not savvy about how long a shot is on a tv show, watch a show and count how long a shot stays on the screen. The average is somewhere around three seconds.

We also watched Stephen King’s Nightmares and Dreamscapes, which was DVRed a few days ago. The first episode, Battleground, was about a hitman (played by William Hurt) who kills a toy mogul then gets attacked by little green army men. Sounds cheesey, but I think it was pretty well carried out. One real interesting thing is that nobody ever spoke a single word. I kept thinking there was no way they could pull off a silent commercial-free hour-long show, but they did. It started off a little sluggish, but it got going pretty well.

The next episode, Crouch End, had Claire Forlani and was about an American couple in England on their honeymoon who get lost in a neighborhood where our world overlaps another. It was a little freaky.

Zach Dotsey