I went to sleep earlyish for me last night. Amanda and I played some Scrabble, which was close until I had two good rounds allowing me to dominate her. We then watched the end of a show I had on while we were playing Scrabble about modern piracy. Yes, it was on the History Channel. It made Amanda and I have an arguement after I misconstrued something she was talking about. I guess it’s really not worth getting into, as it all ended just fine.

Today I spent a big chunk of the day with the guy who’s taking my place in the responsibility shift. I’ve communicated with Tim Henrich plenty, but never actually met with him. We met at the Port City Java at the Harris Teeter on College Road. Actually, he was already there with the bossman, Scott Hendrix. Scott left and Tim and I went over all the in-progress design jobs for a while then went by PT’s Grill for lunch. And thus came to pass the responsibility shift. I was almost giddy thinking about how much more time and how much less stress I’ll have with us having Tim as the project manager.

After work Amanda fixed some leftover tacos then I went out and put up some signs for Moo that said “SMALL CAT FOUND” with our phone number on it. I put one up at both entrances to the neighborhood. On the way back I saw Bonnie from across the street. She said that she had also seen Moo and given her some food. Bonnie’s theory was that someone, maybe a mean dad, had dropped her off in the neighborhood and left. Poor cat, she’s so sweet.

Zach Dotsey