I met with Tim Henrich again today. Scott Hendrix, the bossman, stayed around, working over at a different table while I helped Tim get up to speed on various projects. The rest of my day was spent on conference calls and following up with people. There’s one client I’ve had a miscommunication with over the past couple days, and I wish I’d been able to get her on the phone earlier than I did, because it would have solved a number of problems. Anyway, we talked everything out and I think everything will end up the better for it all.

We had the traditional Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. Amanda talked to her friend, Amy Farmer (formerly Amy Brower) for a bit while I watched a DVRed episode of Firefly. I’ve always wanted to watch the show, and last week there was a Sci Fi Channel Firely marathon. (I think they do a different show each day of the week, because I remember they did a Quantum Leap day a while back, and I loved that show.) I was hoping they’d show it from the beginning, but it didn’t, so while it wasn’t hard to catch up, I don’t think I started in a very good place.

We talked to Bonnie, our across the street neighbor. She chatted to us about Moo and mentioned that Chris Clayton had stopped by last Friday and said that not only were they pregnant, but it looked like they were having twins. (Chris used to live directly across the street.) I called him up and congratulated him. The rest of the night went that Amanda watched a rerun of House and I played some Rome: Total War (dominating as the Greeks- already wiped out all but one territory of the Roman Empire) until we played some Scrabble.

Scrabble was tough. Neither one of us started out with any words, so we redrew letters and I still had to pass (I was supposed to get the first turn) on the first round. I got a pretty good lead but Amanda came back late in the game. It wasn’t enough though, and I beat her. While we were doing that, House went off and I saw that nothing much else was on, so we watched Indpendence Day on one of the twenty or so HBOs that we have. I can’t help it, I enjoy watching that movie sometimes.

Zach Dotsey