There has been a lot of talk about the record heat lately across the country, or at least in the east here. For the little bit I was outside over the past three days, Monday was really hot but Tuesday and today didn’t seem all that bad. Amanda agreed that today wasn’t bad but said yesterday was scorching. She was out more than I was, so she’s probably right.

I was inundated with calls and e-mails early this morning, which wasn’t so bad, but I was trying to get a proposal out to somebody all the while. It all worked out fine in the end. Right now I’m spending part of my time helping Tim Henrich, the new Production Manager (no longer Project Manager) get used to his new position, which is kind of fun in and of itself. I have liked my job ever since I started, despite the stresses and some ups and downs, not to mention clients who get upset now and then. Overall my experience has been a good one and I’ve had far more happy clients than upset ones.

On the way home from work, Amanda decided she would like some blueberry muffins, so she picked those up and left them in a minute or two too long. They taste fine, the bottoms are just a tad harder than they should be. We were going to have sandwiches for dinner tonight, but the cheese bread Amanda picked up last week already has some mold on it so we ate turkey and provolone on bagels, and it was pretty good.

We had our small group meeting tonight. It’s been over at our house for the past little while, which Amanda and I like because it gives us an excuse to pick up and keep things tidy. Tonight’s discussion was on intimacy. Of course, most of us admitted that the first thing you think of when you hear the word “intimacy” is sex, and that was covered some but it wasn’t a huge focus of the chapter. Oddly, the book we’re using didn’t talk much about sex and marriage. We had some pretty good discussions on a number of topics. One discussion had to do with what was crossing the line, what was appropriate to do when and where. Amanda’s example had Kristen Barriner kissing me on the cheek. Her original exmaple, Jessica Lambeth, didn’t fly because she’s not as touchy-huggy as Kristen. It was in good fun, but there were more serious issues brought up too, like who we, as spouses and significant others, feel comfortable having our other talk to about different things. My friend Annie Titus was a person of the opposite sex I used to be able to share just about anything with (and I think I still could, I just don’t see her and Rick as much as I used to).

We watched the first of two new episodes of Stephen King’s Nightmares and Dreamscapes.  This one had William H. Macy as an author who was tired of dealing with his life, so he switched lives with a detective from his novels.  One thing I thought was cool about it was that they sort of made William H. Macy look like Stephen King.  Nice touch.  We DVRed the other one, which features Ron Livingston from Office Space.