According to CNN, Israel has dropped 23 tons of bombs on a Hezbollah bunker in Beirut. That’s the latest in the Israel-Hezbollah (Lebanon) skirmish.  Or conflict.  War?  Are they calling it outright war yet?  I think at least some people are.  Reports have over 300 Lebanese dead and 29 Israelis dead.  A little one-sided, no?

Part of me wants to side with the people calling for Israel to restrain themselves some, but then there’s the fact that most of the Arab countries want Israel just obliterated, and were the tables turned they would not be likely to show much restraint against Israel.  When’s the last time diplomacy really worked in the Middle East?  So is Israel just responding with the only language that’s listened to over there?  If that’s the case, why should they stop?  They were being antagonized, and I’m sure they were looking for an excuse to unleash on somebody.