Amanda almost beat me at 90’s Trivial Pursuit tonight. I was two pies shy when she started heading to the middle, and I was getting upset. I don’t think Amanda’s ever beat me at Trivial Pursuit. Scrabble I can handle losing at. Monopoly, I haven’t lost to my wife yet, but if I did I could take it much more easily than losing to her at Trivial Pursuit. Fortunately she could seal the deal, and I did end up winning.

90’s Trivial Pursuit, it should be noted, belongs to my sister, Erin Dotsey. She bought it once whle staying with me and Amanda when we were living at Crabtree Valley Apartments (which was by far the best apartment either Amanda or I ever lived in) in Raleigh and just never took it home.

Joey Palieri (whose name, we found out today, when searched by Google results in a top return from this very website) came to Wilmington last night with a friend. He came by today to discuss a website I’ll be helping him with. The three of us had a brunch at IHOP, and I’ve got to say I was pretty disappointed with the service. It took forever to order then it took forever to get our food. I think the waitress was the only one working in our section, so we were pretty forgiving, but still, it was very disappointing. But Joey and I had a nice time talking about the old TWG days and all the people we knew back then, much to the boredom, I’m sure, of his friend.

Seems like every time I go out to eat with Joey here, the service is bad. Well, it wasn’t bad when we went to Blue Water last time he was here, but when he and I went to a place downtown we were seated for at least ten minutes and nobody talked to us the entire time. Anyway.

Joey brought Moo inside. She and Cobb mostly ignored each other, although Moo was doing more of the hissing. Bruce kept chasing her, and I don’t think she realized that. One time Bruce chased her into the office from the bedroom with a rawhide bone hanging out one side of his mouth. I don’t know why, but it looked hilarious. At one point Joey saw Moo licking her mouth a lot and then saw that she was starting to heave, so I picked her up and held her over the trash can while she let out a hairball. It was nasty, but I’m glad Joey caught it. Amanda then proceeded to yell at me (over the phone) for letting Moo come in. Of course, she was upset because we don’t know what sicknesses she might have and we didn’t get Mr. Cobblepott shots for things he wouldn’t need if he were not going outside or hanging out around other cats, so I don’t blame her.

Sales leads have been pretty good lately. I haven’t been overly aggressive in pusuing some because Tim Henrich is still transitioning to his new position as production manager, and I don’t want to overwhelm him any more than he already is. I think he’s handling everything pretty well now, and I know the company owner, Scott Hendrix, is happy with how things seem to be turning out.

Neither Amanda nor I felt like doing much tonight. She thought about going by Anna and Barry’s because her grandparents are in town, but we just didn’t feel like going back out, hence the Scrabble game. We watched the second half of Batman Begins while playing that, then we watched National Treasure, which we’ve had on loan from Ben and Jessica Lambeth since forever. I found out that The Bourne Supremecy is also in that case, so we’ll watch that at some point I guess. National Treasure was pretty much exactly what I expected it to be. Passing enough for Disney summer blockbuster fare.

Amanda said that the Red Hot Chili Peppers are doing a show in Maryland with the Killers.  Man, would that be a sweet show to go to.  Of course, I checked their tour schedule and they’re not coming anywhere near North Carolina.  I think the closest they’re coming is Atlanta, but that’s already sold out.  Red Hot Chili Peppers, if you somehow manager to read this blog, do me a favor and schedule a concert for North Carolina.

Zach Dotsey